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           2019 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2019 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 39 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. reckless   (REK-lush)  careless heedless
 *2. walrus   (WAWL-ruhs)  a massive arctic sea mammal with two large tusks
 *3. jovial   (JOHV-ee-uhl)  full of playful good humor
 *4. saxophone   (SAKS-uh-fohn)  a single-reed, keyed musical instrument
 *5. irony   (Y-uhr-nee)  expression in which the intended meaning is the
                                        direct opposite of their usual sense; something that
                                        is the opposite of what is expected
 *6. obstinate   (AWB-stuh-nuht)  stubborn
 *7. ominous   (AWM-uh-nuhs)  threatening; serving as an evil omen
 *8. incredulous   (in-KREJ-uh-luhs)  unwilling to believe; showing doubt
 *9. gregarious   (gruh-GER-ee-uhs)  sociable; fond of the company of others
*10. erudite   (ER-yuh-dyt)  larned; scholarly
*11. flamboyant   (flam-BOI-yuhnt)  overly showy or ornate
*12. hedonism   (HEE-duhn-iz-uhm)  the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure
                                                           as a way of life
*13. misogynist   (muh-SAWJ-uh-nist)  one who hates women
*14. exacerbate   (ig-ZAS-uhr-bayt)  to make worse; to make more severe
*15. mariachi   (mer-ee-AWCH-ee)  a strolling band in Mexico
 16. expand   (ek-SPAND)  to widen; to spread out
 17. lurch   (luhrch)  to pitch or sway suddenly to one side
 18. fountain   (FOUNT-uhn)  spewing water
 19. ability   (uh-BIL-uh-tee)  talent or skill
 20. beautiful   (BYOO-tuh-fuhl)  pretty
 21. legalese   (lee-guhl-EEZ)  the language of legal forms
 22. institution   (in-stuh-TOO-shuhn)  an organization having a public character
                                                              (school, church, bank, hospital)
 23. coalition   (koh-uh-LISH-uhn)  an alliance, as of factions
 24. imbibe   (im-BYB)  to drink
 25. gravitas   (GRAV-uh-taws)  something of the highest seriousness
 26. paella   (puh-EL-uh), (py-EE-uh)  a saffron flavored stew with rice,
                                                          seafood and vegetables 
 27. apogee   (AP-uh-jee)  the point in orbit farthest from Earth
 28. cortege   (kohr-TEZH)  a ceremonial procession
 29. coterie   (koh-tuh-REE)  a close circle of friends; clique
 30. nemoral   (NEM-uhr-uhl)  inhabiting a wood or grove
 *1. If something is beige it is:
               a.  a light grayish yellowish brown color
 *2. A saxophone is a type of:
               b.  musical instrument
 *3. Where is gristle found?
               d.  meat
 *4. What is a bambino?
               c.  an extremely young child
 *5. In a theatrical production, who is the protagonist?
               b.  the lead
 *6. Pumpernickel is a type of:
               c.  bread
 *7. A person described as a renegade:
               c.  rejects the restraints of law
 *8. A Frankenstein is:
               c.  a work or agency that becomes out of control
 *9. A hassock is a type of:
               b.  cushion
*10. An ampere is a unit of:
               b.  electric current
 11. A granary is a:
               a.  storehouse for grain
 12. Orthography is:
               a.  correct spelling
 13. Something described as exaugural occurs:
               d.  at the close of a term of office
 14. Something described as emanant is:
               a.  issuing or flowing forth
 15. Pilaf is a type of:
               d.  rice dish
     taken from 2019 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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