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DPS schools can sign up for spelling competitions for the 2018-2019 school year.  Contact Bill Schaefer at 303-322-0479 or bcs640@msn.com.

DPS  schools signed up for 2017-2018 semantics competitions:  Amesse, Asbury, Bear Valley International, Bird, Blair, Bromwell, C3, Carson, Cory, DDES, DDS, DLS, DSA, DSST Byers, Edison, Grant Ranch, Greenwood, Gust, Hamilton, High Tech, Kaiser, Maxwell, McAuliffe International, McAuliffe Manual, McGlone, Merrill, Montclair, Morey, Polaris, RMSEL, Schmitt, Shoemaker, Skinner, Slavens, Steele, Strive Prep GVR, Strive Prep Sunnyside, Swigert, University Park, Westerly Creek  Schools registered with ScrippsAsbury, Blair, Bromwell, Cory, DLS, DSA, DSST Byers, Edison, Hamilton, High Tech, Hill, McAuliffe International, Merrill, Morey, Polaris, RMSEL, Shoemaker, Slavens, Steele, Swigert, University Park, Westerly Creek.

September 24

Schedule for interschool spelling bees is complete, click on "Schedule."

August 16

The 2018 Summer Semantics championship spelling bee ended with co-champions:  Katie Acosta (8th grade, Merrill Middle School) and Bryson Browning (6th grade, DSST Byers).  Click on "Summer" for the rest of the results.

June 2

At the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Angelina Holm spelled her round 2 and round 3 words, cancrizans and simulacrum, correctly but did not make it through the written test to the finals.  She finished in 42nd place.  Jake Faulk also spelled his round 2 and round 3 words correctly, arborvitae and metatarsus, and had the second highest score on the written test making it to the finals of the national spelling bee. In round 4 he correctly spelled lotic, but in round 5 misspelled lochan finishing in 31st place.  Congratulations to both spellers.

April 1

Colorado State Spelling Bee champion Angelina Holm, 6th grader at DSA, will be joined at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D. C. by Jake Faulk, 8th grader from Slavens School. Under a new 2018 Scripps rule, school champions not otherwise qualified for the national spelling bee can apply for acceptance.  Jake finished third at the Colorado State Spelling Bee this year and was accepted to represent Colorado at the national bee.   

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