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Suggestions for Hosting a Spelling Bee:

1.  In your school auditorium or other room set up a podium or a table with a microphone for your pronouncer.  You’ll need 30 to 40 chairs for the spellers and a floor microphone for them.  Set up a table and chairs for one or two dictionary judges (adults or good students).

2.  Make cards with numbers and strings for the contestants.  Each school is allowed up to 10 spellers to participate in the spelling bee. Give the teacher from each school alternating numbers for their spellers when they arrive. 

3.  One week before the spelling bee you will receive copies of the word list.  Give a copy to your pronouncer so that they can review the words ahead of time.  Give the other copies to your judges when the bee is about to start.  At the end of the spelling bee give the judges’ copies to the visiting teachers to file or use in their buildings for later practice.

4.  Get someone to be the pronouncer.  Another teacher, an administrator, a parent, or a former teacher make good pronouncers. 

5.  (Optional)  Get a tape recorder to replay a speller’s letters if there is any question as to whether they misspelled a word.  If you don’t have a tape, it will be up to the pronouncer and the judges to determine if the word was spelled correctly.  Please emphasize with your spellers that is their job to pronounce their letter carefully and clearly and not the pronouncer’s job to translate slurred letters.  In any case the pronouncer should make the final decision as to whether a speller should be eliminated.

6.  Provide refreshments for the visiting students and teachers.  This is a good opportunity for the students from the various schools to socialize.

7.  Have fun.

Suggestions for Attending a Spelling Bee:

1.  If you are planning to use school busses for transportation, you will need to order them from school transportation.

2.  Ten spellers from each school participate in the spelling bee.  Teachers may bring a larger group if they wish to be part of the audience.  Some teachers have their extra students make word lists from the bee as it goes along so that they have something to do.

3.  Let your host know a week in advance the total number of people you are bringing so that they can arrange refreshments.

4.  Have fun. 


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