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  2018-2019 First Spelling Bee - Championship Round Spellers
Edison, McAuliffe Manual, and STRIVE Prep Sunnyside at Skinner
Champion:  Leighton Brodsky  (Edison, 4th grade)
     2nd:  Lillian Lovato  (Edison, 4th grade)
3rd:  Immanuel Johnson  (Skinner, 8th grade) 
4th:  Justin Burt  (Skinner, 8th grade)
5th:  Keira Mulligan  (Skinner, 6th grade)
Lillian misspelled "deadened" and Leighton spelled that word correctly and "calzone" to become champion.
C3, DSST Byers, Merrill, and RMSEL at Steele
Champion:  Bryson Browning  (DSST Byers, 6th grade)
2nd:  Katie Acosta  (Merrill, 8th grade)
3rd:  Kayley Chism  (Merrill, 8th grade)
4th:  Cade Ramirez  (Steele, 5th grade)
5th:  Georgia Dodunski  (RMSEL, 5th grade)
Katie misspelled "missorted" and Bryson spelled that word correctly and "yeti" to become champion.
Bromwell, Carson, McAuliffe International, and McGlone/Amesse at Montclair
Champion:  Grant Wiebe  (McAuliffe, 7th grade)
2nd:  Rithvik Iyer  (McAuliffe, 6th grade)
3rd:  Lindsay Seija  (McAuliffe, 6th grade)
4th:  Amelia Thompson  (McAuliffe, 6th grade)
5th:  Evalyn Reed  (Montclair, 5th grade)
Rithvik misspelled "decuple" and Grant spelled that word correctly and "lolloped" to become champion.
Bird, Swigert, and Westerly Creek at DSA
Champion:  Finn Hilty  (DSA, 8th grade)
Champion:  Angelina Holm  (DSA, 7th grade)
3rd:  Numair Jaiya  (Swigert, 5th grade)
4th:  Albertine Gingrass  (DSA, 7th grade)
     5th:  Ayden Nguyen  (Westerly Creek, 5th grade)
Finn and Angelina each misspelled "sciolist" but otherwise spelled every other word on the list correctly and were declared co-champions.
DDES, Morey, and Polaris at DLS
Champion:  Chloe Osuna  (DLS, 8th grade) 
2nd:  Luca McMurray  (Morey, 6th grade)
3rd:  Jane Wiebe  (Polaris, 5th grade)
4th:  Hayden Henrikson  (Polaris, 5th grade)
5th:  Caleb Johnson  (Polaris, 5th grade)
Luca misspelled "inert" and Chloe spelled that word correctly and "appreciative" to become champion.
Bear Valley, Grant Ranch, and Kaiser at Gust
Champion:  Isabella Abbot  (Grant Ranch, 4th grade)
Champion:  Evan McDaniel  (Grant Ranch, 5th grade)
3rd:  Braeden Moore  (Gust, 3rd grade) 
3rd:  Angel Moreno  (Kaiser, 5th grade)
5th:  Jesse Purcell (Kaiser, 5th grade)
Isabella and Evan made it to the word "relevancy" when time ran out and they were declared co-champions.
Hamilton, Shoemaker, Slavens, and University Park at Cory
Champion:  Zach Long  (Slavens, 8th grade)
     2nd:  Sam Holland  (Hamilton, 6th grade)
     3rd:  Olivia Fendrich (Slavens, 8th grade)
     4th:  Lachlan Flanigan  (Cory, 5th grade)
     5th:  Ben Holland  (Hamilton, 7th grade)
Sam misspelled "exsiccosis" and Zach spelled that word correctly and "isoseismal" to become champion.
Greenwood, High Tech, and Maxwell at Blair
Champion:  Julian Whitworth  (High Tech, 5th grade)
     2nd:  Gael Hernandez  (Greenwood, 6th grade)
     3rd:  Mozan Ahmed  (High Tech, 5th grade)
     4th:  Presley Stein  (Greenwood, 4th grade)
     5th:  Sidney Pham  (High Tech, 5th grade)
Gael misspelled "rickety" and Julian spelled that word correctly and "knelt" to become champion.

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