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These 30 spellers qualified for the 2020 "City Orals" District Championship Spelling Bee by finishing in the top 30 on the City Written Spelling Test.

Erica Danzer, 8th grade, McAuliffe International
Amelia Thomas, McAuliffe International, 7th grade
Malin Wolfson, 5th grade, Morey Middle School
Grant Wiebe, 8th grade, McAuliffe International

Ayden Nguyen, McAuliffe International, 6th grade
Rithvik Iyer, 7th grade, McAuliffe International
Sam Holland, 7th grade, Hamilton Middle School
Duncan Monroe, Merrill Middle School, 8th grade
Cade Ramirez, 6th grade, Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences
Nolan Ottele, 7th grade, Denver School of the Arts
Ben Holland, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School
Bryson Browning, 7th grade, DSST Byers
Wilson Sperry, 7th grade, DSST Byers
Maxwell Dunn, 5th grade, Roberts ECE-8 School
Matthew Weisenburger, 7th grade, Merrill Middle School
Angelina Holm, 8th grade, Denver School of the Arts
Albertine Gingrass, 8th grade, Denver School of the Arts
Duncan Harr, 5th grade, Carson Elementary
Lindsay Sieja, 7th grade, McAuliffe International
Ethan Jung, 4th grade, Willow Elementary
Amir Hassan, 3rd grade, Slavens School
Luca McMurray, Morey Middle School, 7th grade
Tim Woods, 5th grade, Isabella Bird Community School
Maddi Hopper, 6th grade, Denver Language School
Annaka Connelly, 5th grade, Polaris Elementary School
Vincent Vierow, Roberts ECE-8 School, 7th grade
Jed Rooney, 8th grade, Denver Language School
Lachlan Flanigan, Denver Boys School, 6th grade

Grace Farr, 7th grade, Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning
Numair Jaiya, McAuliffe International, 6th grade





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