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Denver Public Schools
2020 "City Orals" District Championship Spelling Bee
Champion  Angelina Holm
DSA (8)
     2nd  Lachlan Flanigan  (sciolisitc) Boys School (6)
     3rd  Ben Holland  (genetrix) Hamilton (8)
     4th  Lindsay Sieja  (palisado) McAuliffe International (7)
     5th  Rithvik Iyer  (nosocomial) McAuliffe International (7)
     6th  Luca McMurray  (entablature) Morey (6)
     7th  Sam Holland  (philtrum) Hamilton (7)
     8th  Duncan Monroe  (sinistrad) Merrill (8)
     9th  Grant Wiebe  (hegemony) McAuliffe International (8)
    10th  Albertine Gingrass  (complaisant) DSA (8)
    11th  Jed Rooney  (jackanapes) DLS (8)
    12th  Amelia Thomas  (mealymouthed) McAuliffe International (7)
    13th  Ethan Jung  (quadruped) Willow (4)
    14th  Ayden Nguyen  (blandishment) McAuliffe International (6)
    15th  Annaka Connelly  (macropterous) Polaris (5)
    16th  Cade Ramirez  (nictitate) Hill (6)
    17th  Erika Danzer  (appellation) McAuliffe International (8)
    18th  Wilson Sperry  (juvenilia) DSST Byers (7)
    19th  Malin Wolfson  (palatial) Morey (6)
    20th  Maxwell Dunn  (tarpaulin) Roberts (5) 
    21st  Numair Jaiya  (bifurcate) McAuliffe International (6)
    22nd  Duncan Harr  (palaver) Carson (5)
    23rd  Bryson Browning  (chastise) DSST Byers (7)
    24th  Nolan Ottele  (enervate) DSA (7)
    25th  Matthew Weisenburger  (exaugural)  Merrill (7)
    26th  Maddi Hopper  (tardigrade) DLS (6)
    27th  Tim Woods  (estuary) Bird (5)
    28th  Vincent Vierow  (artifice) Roberts (7)
    29th  Amir Hassan  (bugaboo) Slavens (3)
    30th  Grace Farr  (jamboree)
Angelina spelled all of the following words correctly
to become a 2020 City Orals champion:
ferocious    allegiance     lapidary           pinnacle   
toponymic    shubunkin      unguiculate        formicide
academician  gravitas       supererogation     anthropomorphic
mewling      interdigitated


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