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       2018 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2018 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 39 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. polygon   (PAWL-ee-gawn)  a closed plane figure whose sides
                                                     are line segments (geometry)
 *2. fiend   (feend)  an evil spirit; an inhumanly wicked person
 *3. credible   (KRED-uh-buhl)  reliable; can be believed
 *4. prattle   (PRAT-uhl)  to jabber or babble
 *5. artichoke   (AWRT-uh-chohk)  a plant with an edible flower head
 *6. apathy   (AP-uh-thee)  lack of caring; indifference
 *7. participant   (pawr-TIS-uh-puhnt)  one who takes part in an event
 *8. metaphor   (MET-uh-fohr)  a figure of speech in which one thing
                                                   is spoken of as if it were another
 *9. dyslexia   (dis-LEKS-ee-uh)  impairment of the ability to read
*10. charlatan   (SHAWR-luh-tuhn)  a fraud; a quack
*11. narcissistic   (nawr-suh-SIS-tik)  excessively concerned or
                                                          devoted to oneself; self-love
*12. visceral   (VIS-uhr-uhl)  instinctive rather than intellectual; intuitive
*13. ersatz   (ER-zawts)  substitute; synthetic; being an inferior substitute
*14. braggadocio   (brag-uh-DOH-shee-oh)  bragging; cockiness
*15. schadenfreude   (shaw-duhn-FROI-duh)  enjoyment obtained from
                                                                         the mishaps of others
 16. claim   (klaym)  to demand as rightfully belonging to one
 17. evildoer   (ee-vuhl-DOO-uhr)  a villain
 18. scandal   (SKAN-duhl)  anything that offends moral feelings
                                               and leads to disgrace
 19. explanation   (eks-pluh-NAY-shuhn)  something that makes understandable
 20. evasive   (ee-VAYS-iv)  tending to escape from; elusive
 21. deposition   (dep-uh-ZISH-uhn)  in law, testimony made under oath
                                                              that is written down for later use
 22. deceptive   (duh-SEP-tiv)  being an illusion or fraud; designed to mislead
 23. expropriate   (eks-PROH-pree-ayt)  to take (land, etc.) from its owner,
                                                                especially for public use
 24. chrysanthemum   (kruh-SAN-thuh-muhm)  a late-blooming plant of the
                                                                  composite family with showy flowers
 25. sillographer   (sil-AWG-ruh-fuhr)  a writer of satires
 26. telegnosis   (tel-uhg-NOH-suhs), (tel-uh-NOH-suhs)  clairvoyance
 27. pleurisy   (PLUHR-uh-see)  inflammation of the linings of the lungs
                                                     causing painful breathing
 28. quartan   (KWOHRT-uhn)  every 4th day
 29. ostinato   (aws-tuh-NAW-toh)  relating to any frequently repeated passage
                                                           in any part of a musical composition
 30. naumachia   (naw-MAY-kee-uh)  in ancient Rome a spectacle representing
                                                            a naval battle
 *1. A jaguar is a type of:
               a.  large and powerful cat
 *2. Something described as credible is:
               b.  worthy of belief
 *3. What is fatigue?
               d.  physical exhaustion
 *4. Folksiness is the quality of being:
               d.  informal or familiar
 *5. If two things are synchronous, they are:
               b.  operating at exactly the same periods
 *6. If something is described as poignant, it:
               a.  is very touching
 *7. What does a tachometer do?
               c.  indicates speed of rotation
 *8. What is an oratorio?
               c.  a musical composition based on a scriptural
                    or literary subject
 *9. A person described as blasé is:
               d.  apathetic to pleasure
*10. What is corpuscle?
               c.  an isolated living cell
*11. A person described as gauche is:
               b.  lacking in social graces
*12. Kuchen is a type of:
               c.  cake
 13. If something is described as striated, it is:
               b.  marked with threadlike lines or narrow bands
 14. Something described as indubitable is:
               b.  not open to question or doubt
 15. Someone described as stolid:
               d.  is not easily excited
     * taken from 2018 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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