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      2017 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2017 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 36 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. balcony   (BAL-kun-nee)  a platform projecting from an upper
                                                  floor and enclosed by a railing
 *2. pretzel   (PRET-zuhl)  a hard, salted biscuit, often formed into a knot
 *3. nosh   (nawsh)  [n.] a snack; [v.] to eat a snack
 *4. contiguous   (kuhn-TIG-yuh-wuhs)  in contact; touching
 *5. gestapo   (guh-STAWP-oh)  the terrorist police force of Nazi Germany
 *6. vigilante   (vij-uh-LAN-tee)  one of an unauthorized group that
                                        supposedly keeps order and punishes crime
 *7. mercurial   (muhr-KYUHR-ee-uhl)  quick; changeable; fickle
 *8. tarragon   (TER-uh-gawn)  an Old World plant with fragrant leaves
                                                   used as a seasoning
 *9. capitulation   (kuh-pich-uh-LAY-shuhn)  giving up to an enemy
                                                                  on prearranged conditions
*10. geranium   (juh-RAYN-ee-uhm)  a common garden plant with showy
                                                           red, pink, or white flowers
*11. pernicious   (puhr-NISH-uhs)  very harmful or destructive
*12. Bolshevik   (BOHL-shuh-vik)  a Communist in the Soviet Union
*13. misogynist   (muh-SAWJ-uh-nist)  one who hates women
*14. chauvinism   (SHOH-vuhn-iz-uhm)  an unfair attitude of superiority
                                                                over a group
*15. apparatchik   (ap-uh-RAWT-chik)  a blindly devoted official or follower
 16. starlet   (STAWR-luht)  a young actress being promoted as a future star
 17. prudent   (PROO-duhnt)  exercising sound judgment in practical matters
 18. despicable   (duh-SPIK-uh-buhl)  deserving scorn; contemptible
 19. depression   (duh-PRESH-uhn)  low spirits
 20. declarative   (duh-KLER-uh-tiv)  making a statement or assertion
 21. identifiable   (y-dent-uh-FY-uh-buhl)  can be regarded as identical  
 22. hysteria   (hi-STER-ee-uh)  an outbreak of wild, uncontrolled feeling
 23. fauve   (fohv)  a nonconformist in art
 24. stridulation   (strij-uh-LAY-shuhn)  high pitched creaking sound
 25. effloresce   (ef-luh-RES)  to flower
 26. scansion   (SKAN-shuhn)  analysis of rhythmic structure
 27. aphelion   (a-FEEL-yuhn)  the point in orbit most distant from the Sun
 28. urisk   (UHR-isk)  in Scottish folklore, a good-natured elf that frequents
                                        sequestered places and waterfalls
 29. scilicet   (SIL-uh-set)  [adv.] to wit; namely
 30. echeveria   (ech-uh-vuh-REE-uh)  a tropical American succulent plant
 *1. Where would you most commonly find a curriculum?
               b.  in a school
 *2. What does it mean to be geothermal?
               c.  of or relating to the earth’s interior
 *3. What is a crescent?
               c  the shape or figure defined by a convex or concave edge
 *4. What geographical feature typifies a sierra?
               d.  mountains
 *5. A barabara is a type of:
               d.  hut built partially underground
 *6. What does it mean to be contrapuntal?
               b.  relating to two or more melodies combined into a unified composition
 *7. A bezoar is a type of:
               b.  organic mass
 *8. What is a gestalt?
               b.  a structure of phenomena that constitutes a functional unit
 *9. Isinglass is a type of:
               a.  mineral
*10. What does it mean to be maladroit?
               b.  unperceptive; lacking judgment
*11. An alcazar is a kind of:
               a.  palace
*12. A bromeliad is:
               b.  a prickly plant
*13. What is a charpoy?
               d.  a bed consisting of a frame strung with light ropes
 14. An ethnocentric person is one who:
               d.  regards his own race or social group as the center of culture
 15. What is another word for defunct?
               b. extinct
     * taken from 2017 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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