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       2016 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2016 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 37 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. chocolate   (CHAWK-luht)  flavoring  
 *2. karma   (KAWRM-uh)  fate
 *3. candidate   (KAND-uh-dayt)  one seeking an office
 *4. cleanser   (KLEN-zuhr)  a substance that cleans or makes pure
 *5. algebra   (AL-juh-bruh)  mathematical system
 *6. alcohol   (AL-kuh-hawl)  a colorless, pungent, volatile liquid
 *7. strategy   (STRAT-uh-jee)  skill in managing or planning
 *8. melancholy   (MEL-uhn-kawl-ee)  sadness or depression of spirits
 *9. eclectic   (ek-LEK-tik)  selected from various sources
*10. hyperbole   (hy-PUHRB-uh-lee)  extreme exaggeration
*11. ameliorate   (uh-MEEL-yuh-rayt)  to improve something;
                                                             to become better
*12. poignant   (POIN-yuhnt)  sharp; pointed; emotionally moving
*13. raconteur   (rak-uhn-TUHR)  a good storyteller
*14. ocelot   (AWS-uh-lawt)  a spotted wildcat of North and South America
*15. cheka   (CHAY-kaw)  secret police having virtually unrestrained 
                                              power over life and death
 16. cloak   (klohk)  a loose, usually sleeveless outer garment
 17. typewriter   (TYP-ry-tuhr)  a writing machine with a keyboard
 18. trailblazer   (TRAYL-blay-zuhr)  a pioneer in any area
 19. emperor   (EMP-uhr-uhr)  the supreme ruler of an empire
 20. actuality   (AK-chuh-WAL-uh-tee)  a real thing; fact
 21. suffocate   (SUF-uh-kayt)  to smother; to cut off the air supply
 22. expediency   (eks-PEE-dee-uhn-see)  doing what is convenient
                                                           rather than what might be right
 23. envisage   (en-VIZ-ij)  to form a mental picture
 24. trilogy   (TRIL-uh-jee)  a set of three related plays or novels
 25. elegy   (AWD-ee-oh-fyl)  a mournful poem, especially of lament
                                                 and praise for the dead
 26. bilious   (BIL-yuhs)  bad-tempered
 27. vitreous   (VIT-ree-uhs)  resembling glass
 28. cranioscopy   (krayn-ee-AWS-kuh-pee)  examination of the
                                                                       human skull
 29. frondescence   (frawn-DES-uhnts)  the unfolding of leaves
 30. vichyssoise   (VISH-ee-swawz)  a thick, cold potato soup
 *1. Polka is a type of:
               b.  dance
 *2. A knapsack is a type of:
               c.  shoulder bag
 *3. A scow is a type of:
               d.  boat
 *4. A greengage is a type of:
               d.  plum
 *5. Saffron is a type of:
               d.  spice
 *6. Which of these is perennial a common description for?
               d.  flowers
 *7. Oolong is a type of:
               c.  tea
 *8. What is quinine?
               b.  a bitter alkaloid used for medicinal purposes
 *9. If a composition is performed allegro, it:
               b. is done in a brisk manner
*10. A Bolshevik is most commonly associated with:
               b.  communism
*11. An impasse is:
               c.  a road that can’t be traveled
 12. Something done vicariously is:
               a.  realized indirectly through the experience of another
 13. What is another word for malarkey?
               c.  nonsense
 14. What does it mean to prey?
               c.  commit violence or robbery
 15. What is an ideogram?
               d.  a composite character in Chinese writing
     * taken from 2016 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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