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           2015 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2015 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 37 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. mammoth   (MAM-uhth)  an extinct elephant with long tusks  
 *2. crescent   (KRES-uhnt)  shaped with one concave edge and
                                                  one convex edge
 *3. gorgeous   (GOHR-juhs)  beautiful
 *4. biblical   (BIB-luh-kuhl)  of the sacred book of Christianity
 *5. petunia   (puh-TOON-yuh)  a plant with showy, funnel-shaped flowers
 *6. omnipotent   (awm-NIP-uh-tuhnt)  all-powerful
 *7. arsenal   (AWRS-uh-nuhl)  a place for storing weapons
 *8. omnivorous   (awm-NIV-uhr-uhs)  eating all kinds of food
 *9. epiphany   (uh-PIF-uh-nee)  an appearance of or a revealing
                                                       manifestation of God
*10. metaphor   (MET-uh-fohr)  a figure of speech in which one thing
                                                     is spoken of as if it were another

*11. rapport   (ruh-POHR)  harmonious and easy relations between
*12. paradigm   (PER-uh-dym)  a very clear or useful example
*13. pernicious   (puhr-NISH-uhs)  very harmful or destructive
*14. commissar   (KAWM-uh-sawr)  a Communist party official
*15. euphemism   (YOO-fuh-miz-uhm)  an acceptable word that substitutes
                                                              for one that is rude or offensive
 16. organ   (OHR-guhn)  a keyboard musical instrument
 17. unicorn   (YOON-uh-kohrn)  a mythical horse-like animal with a
                                                   single horn growing from its forehead

 18. barbaric   (bawr-BER-ik)  uncivilized, primitive, wild, or crude
 19. regimen   (REJ-uh-muhn)  a system of diet or exercise to improve

 20. nefarious   (nuh-FER-ee-uhs)  very wicked; villainous
 21. hallucinatory   (huh-LOOS-uh-nuh-tohr-ee)  relating to the
                            perception of sights or sounds that aren’t actually there
 22. elegy   (EL-uh-jee)  a mournful poem, especially of lament and
                                            praise for the dead
 23. selenium   (suh-LEEN-ee-uhm)  a nonmetallic chemical element
 24. apostasy  (uh-PAWS-tuh-see)  an abandoning of what one has
                                                          believed in
 25. audiophile   (AWD-ee-oh-fyl)  a fan of recorded music
 26. carcinogenic   (kawr-suh-nuh-JEN-ik)  cancer causing
 27. aperitif   (uh-per-uh-TEEF)  a before dinner alcoholic beverage
 28. hyperpyrexia   (hy-puhr-py-REKS-ee-uh)  exceptionally high fever
 29. risorgimento   (ree-sohr-juh-MEN-toh)  revival; a time of renewal
                                                                        or renaissance
 30. blancmange   (bluh-MAWNJ)  a dessert made from gelatinous
                                                        substances and milk
 *1. What is popularity?
               d.  the approval of many persons 
 *2. Where would a sequin be found?
               c.  on a costume
 *3. A person described as gauche is:
               b.  lacking in social graces
 *4. What is a furlong?
               a.  a unit of distance
 *5. What is a synonym?   
               c.  one of two or more words with the same meaning
 *6. A mirage is:
               c.  an optical illusion that looks like water
 *7. Where is gristle found?
               d.  meat
 *8. A boutique is a type of:
               a.  store
 *9. If something is described as relevant, it:
               b. is properly applying to the matter at hand
*10. A knish is a type of:
               c.  deep fried snack
*11. Something described as wanton is marked by:
               b. disregard for others
*12. What is another word for scenario?
               a.  synopsis
*13. What is a perfidy?
               d.  an instance of betrayal
*14. Illuminati refers to:
               d.  a group of people who claim to be enlightened
*15. What is a buccaneer?
               d.  a pirate
     * taken from 2015 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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