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           2014 Colorado State Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2014 Colorado State Spelling Bee, a
student had to score 34 or better on this spelling and vocabulary test.
 *1. barley   (BAWR-lee)  a cereal grass  
 *2. diorama   (dy-uh-RAM-uh)  a scenic display, as of three-dimensional
                                                     figures against a painted background
 *3. primal   (PRY-muhl)  first in time; original
 *4. quiche   (keesh)  a baked custard of various ingredients such as
                                       bacon, eggs, cheese, or spinach
 *5. albatross   (AL-buh-traws)  a large, web-footed sea bird
 *6. haiku   (hy-KOO)  a Japanese verse form if three unrhymed lines
                                       of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively
 *7. portfolio   (pohrt-FOH-lee-oh) a case for loose paper; a briefcase 
 *8. gregarious   (gruh-GER-ee-uhs)  fond of the company of others
 *9. quesadilla   (kay-suh-DEE-yuh)  a turnover made usually with
                                                           a cheese filling
*10. bolero   (buh-LER-oh)  a lively Spanish dance, or the music for it 
*11. cadenza   (kuh-DEN-zuh)  an elaborate passage for the solo
                                                   instrument in a concerto
*12. triumvirate   (try-UM-vuhr-uht)  government by three persons or parties
*13. misogynist   (muh-SAWj-uh-nist)  someone who dislikes women
*14. detente   (day-TAWNT)  a relaxations of strained relations,
                                                as between nations
*15. edelweiss   (AY-duhl-vys)  a small, white, alpine flower
 16. dirigible   (DIR-uh-juh-buhl)  an airship; a lighter-than-air aircraft
 17. mendacity   (men-DAS-uh-tee)  the practice of lying; falsehood 
 18. stridulation   (strij-uh-LAY-shuhn)  a high-pitched made by insects
                                                 by rubbing body parts together (crickets)
 19. anodyne   (AN-oh-dyn)  anything that soothes or relieves pain 
 20. embrasure   (em-BRAY-zhuhr)  an opening for a door or window wider 
                                                           on the inside than the outside
 21. divestiture   (di-VES-tuh-chuhr)  the compulsory transfer of title,
                                                       as of stocks or bonds by court order
 22. rapacious   (ruh-PAY-shuhs)  greedily hungry; predatory
 23. melismatic   (mel-uhz-MAD-ik)  having melodic embellishment or
                                                             ornamentation; florid
 24. sommelier  (sawm-uhl-YAY)  a wine steward 
 25. amadelphous   (am-uh-DEL-fuhs)  gregarious
 26. uncinate   (UN-suh-nuht)  bent at the end like a hook; hooked
 27. jeroboam   (jer-uh-BOH-uhm)  an oversize wine bottle holding about
                                                    4 quarts
 28. mostaccioli   (maws-taw-CHOH-lee)  a pasta in the form of a tube
                                                                  oblique ends
 29. tegular   (TEG-yuh-luhr)  relating to or resembling a tile
 30. précis   (PRAY-see)  a precise abridgement; a summary
 *1. A hurricane is a type of:
               c.  tropical cyclone 
 *2. A person described as dreary is:
               a.  discouraged 
 *3. An idiom is a type of:
               c.  expression
 *4. What is hedonism?
               b.  a way of life based on the pursuit of pleasure
 *5. What is an aggregate?   
               b.  a mass or body of somewhat associated units
 *6. Which of these things would most likely be described as endemic?
               b.  disease 
 *7. One who is fastidious:
               a.  has a meticulous, demanding attitude
 *8. A person described as vulnerable is:
               a.  capable of being wounded
 *9. What is another word for scenario?
               a.  synopsis
*10. What does it mean to loiter?
               c.  to hang around
 11. What does to mean to scribble?
               a.  write hastily
 12. Something described as decent:
               a.  conforms to standards of morality
 13. Something described as edible is:
               a.  fit to be eaten
 14. Where would you find a marquee?
               a.  over the entrance of a building
 15. Which of the following phrases is an example of an oxymoron?
               c.  jumbo shrimp
     * taken from 2014 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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