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                 2013 ColoradoState Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2013 Colorado State Spelling Bee,
a student had to spell 38 or more of these words correctly.
 *1. dearth   (duhrth)  scarcity; lack  
 *2. diorama   (dy-uh-RAM-uh)  a scenic display, as of three-dimensional
                                                     figures against a painted background
 *3. slaughter   (SLAW-duhr)  the killing of animals for food
 *4. hyphen   (HY-fuhn)  a punctuation mark (-)
 *5. magnolia   (mag-NOH-lee-uh)  a tree with large fragrant flowers
 *6. knavery   (NAYV-uhr-ee)  fraud; trickery; rascality
 *7. souvenir   (soo-vuh-NIR)  something kept as a reminder
 *8. ambivalent   (am-BIV-uh-luhnt)  having conflicting feelings
 *9. saffron   (SAF-rawn)  a plant whose dried stigmas are used as a dye
                                            and a flavoring
*10. autopsy   (AW-tawp-see)  examination of a corpse to determine cause
                                                   of death 
*11. tantalize   (TANT-uh-lyz)  to tease by offering something desirable
                                                   and then withholding it
*12. philanthropy   (fuh-LAN-thruh-pee)  a desire to help mankind, usually
                                                                 by endowments to institutions
*13. amphibious   (am-FIB-ee-uhs)  living on land and in the water
*14. herpetology   (huhr-puh-TAWL-uh-jee)  study of reptiles and amphibians
*15. cynical   (SIN-uh-kuhl)  denying the sincerity of other people
*16. metamorphosis   (met-uh-MOHR-fuh-suhs)  change in physical form
*17. ephemeral   (uh-FEM-uhr-uhl)  lasting a short time; transitory 
*18. prerogative   (pruh-RAWG-uh-tiv)  an exclusive right or privilege
*19. recalcitrant   (ruh-KAL-suh-truhnt)  defiant of authority 
*20. hypocrisy   (hi-PAWK-ruh-see)  pretending to believe in something
                                                           when in fact one does not
*21. capricious   (kuh-PRISH-uhs)  impulsive; unpredictable in attitude 
*22. infinitesimal   (in-fuh-nuh-TES-uh-muhl)  extremely small
*23. blasé   (blaw-ZAY)  unexcited or jaded
*24. détente  (day-TAWNT)  a relaxation of strained relations, as between
*25. lieutenant   (loo-TEN-uhnt)  a military rank just below a captain 
 26. hoax   (hohks)  a trick or fraud, in particular a practical joke
 27. onerous   (AWN-uhr-uhs)  burdensome; oppressive
 28. affability   (af-uh-BIL-uh-tee)  friendliness
 29. edifice   (ED-uh-fuhs)  a building, especially a large imposing one
 30. egocentric   (ee-goh-SEN-trik)  viewing everything in relation to oneself
 31. embroider   (em-BROI-duhr)  to make a needlework design on fabric 
 32. premonition   (prem-uh-NISH-uhn) a forewarning 
 33. equilibrium   (ee-kwuh-LIB-ree-uhm)  a state of balance
 34. odiferous   (oh-DIF-uhr-uhs)  having a strong gamy often acrid odor
 35. aggrandizement   (uh-GRAN-duhz-muhnt)  a making greater, richer,
                                                                           or more powerful
 36. debenture   (duh-BEN-chuhr)  a voucher acknowledging a debt 
 37. abeyance   (uh-BAY-uhnts)  temporary suspension, as of an activity
 38. rococo   (ruh-KOH-koh)  a style of art and architecture marked by
                                                  profuse and delicate ornamentation
 39. portcullis   (pohrt-KUL-uhs)  a heavy iron grating lowered to block
                                                      an entrance way
 40. Bauhaus   (BOU-hous) a style of modern art and architecture 
 41. syntrophism   (SIN-truh-fiz-uhm)  mutual dependence for the satisfaction
                                                              of nutritional needs (bacteria) 
 42. boulevardier   (bool-vawrd-YAY)  a sophisticated man of fashion
 43. bathyal   (BATH-ee-uhl)  of the deepest parts of the ocean
 44. branchiferous   (brang-KIF-uhr-uhs) having gills  
 45. ekistics   (ee-KIS-tiks)  a science dealing with human settlements
 46. tiramisu   (tir-uh-mee-SOO)  a dessert made with ladyfingers and espresso 
 47. Botticellian   (bawt-uh-CHEL-ee-uhn)  of the art of the Italian painter Botticelli
 48. beelzebub   (bee-EL-zuh-bub)  the devil; Satan 
 49. bacciferous   (bak-SIF-uhr-uhs)  bearing berries
  50. ogival   (oh-JY-vuhl)  using pointed arches and ribbed vaulting; Gothic
     * taken from 2013 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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