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                 2012 ColoradoState Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2012 Colorado State Spelling Bee,
a student had to spell 38 or more of these words correctly.
 *1. fickle   (FIK-uhl)  changeable; capricious  
 *2. spectrum   (SPEK-truhm)  the colors of the rainbow
 *3. chronic   (KRAWN-ik)  lasting a long time or recurring (a disease)
 *4. aria   (AWR-ee-uh)  a song, as in opera, for solo voice
 *5. mirage   (muh-RAWZH)  an optical illusion
 *6. simile   (SIM-uh-lee)  a figure of speech likening one thing to another
 *7. prodigal   (PRAWD-uh-guhl)  recklessly wasteful
 *8. ingenious   (in-JEEN-yuhs)  clever, resourceful
 *9. arsenal   (AWRS-uh-nuhl)  a place for storing weapons
*10. consensus   (kuhn-SEN-suhs)  general agreement 
*11. alleviate   (uh-LEEV-ee-ayt)  to lessen or relieve pain
*12. rhetoric   (RED-uh-rik)  the art of using words effectively
*13. bureaucracy   (byuh-RAWK-ruh-see)  government by department officials
                                                                    following an inflexible routine 
*14. eulogy   (YOO-luh-jee)  praise for a person, especially at a funeral
*15. tariff   (TER-if)  a system of taxes on imports or exports
*16. accommodate   (uh-KAWM-uh-dayt)  to do a favor for; to have space for
*17. perennial   (puh-REN-ee-uhl)  living more than two years (plants) 
*18. phenomenon   (fuh-NAWM-uh-nawn)  any observable event that can be
                                                                    scientifically described
*19. facetious   (puh-RIF-uh-ree)  joking especially at an inappropriate time 
*20. efficacy   (EF-uh-kuh-see)  effectiveness 
*21. poignant   (POIN-yuhnt)  emotionally moving; painful to the feelings 
*22. pernicious   (puhr-NISH-uhs)  very harmful or destructive
*23. visceral   (VIS-uhr-uhl)  intuitive rather than intellectual
*24. egregious  (i-GREE-juhs)  very bad 
*25. soliloquy   (suh-LIL-uh-kwee)  lines in a play spoken by a character
                                                         as if to himself 
 26. oxford   (AWKS-fuhrd)  a low-cut laced shoe 
 27. vapid   (VAP-uhd)  lacking flavor or zest
 28. thistle   (THIS-uhl)  a plant with prickly leaves
 29. limpid   (LIM-puhd)  perfectly clear; transparent 
 30. symmetrical   (suh-MET-ruh-kuhl)  having balance in size, shape, and proportion
 31. syllabus   (SIL-uh-buhs)  an outline of a course of study 
 32. witticism   (WIT-uh-siz-uhm)  a funny remark
 33. audible   (AWD-uh-buhl)  can be heard
 34. inviolable   (in-VY-uh-luh-buhl)  sacred; not to be profaned or injured
 35. flotsam   (FLAWT-suhm)  floating wreckage from a ship
 36. temerity   (tuh-MER-uh-dee)  foolish or rash boldness
 37. cantankerous   (kan-TANGK-uhr-uhs)  quarrelsome; ill-tempered
 38. cryophilic   (kry-uh-FIL-ik)  preferring low temperatures (bacteria)
 39. dystopia   (dis-TOH-pee-uh)  a wretched, depressing imaginary place
 40. Requiem   (REK-wee-uhm)  a Mass for a deceased person
 41. dihedral   (dy-HEE-druhl)  a geometric figure formed by two intersecting planes 
 42. imprimatur   (im-pri-MAW-duhr)  an approval; a sanction; permission
 43. gorgonzola   (gohr-guhn-ZOH-luh)  a blue cheese
 44. erubescent   (er-yuh-BES-uhnt)  reddening
 45. jongleur   (zhawn-GLUHR)  an itinerant medieval minstrel singing for hire
 46. myeloma   (my-uh-LOHM-uh)  a primary tumor of the bone marrow 
 47. gomphosis   (gawm-FOH-suhs)  a union in which a hard part is received into a
                                                           bone cavity (the teeth into the jaw)
 48. cabaletta   (kab-uh-LED-uh)  an operatic song; a short instrumental composition
 49. xenial   (ZEE-nee-uhl)  relating to hospitality
  50. gabbro   (GAB-roh)  a granular igneous rock 
     * taken from 2012 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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