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                 2011 ColoradoState Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2011 Colorado State Spelling Bee,
a student had to spell 37 or more of these words correctly.
 *1. mathematics   (math-uh-MAD-iks)  the science dealing with quantities and
                                   forms and their relationships by use of numbers and symbols  
 *2. bungalow   (BUNG-guh-loh)  a small, one storied house or cottage
 *3. leotard   (LEE-uh-tawrd) a tight-fitting garment for acrobats and dancers
 *4. fiasco   (fee-AS-koh)  a complete ridiculous failure
 *5. contiguous   (kuhn-TIG-yuh-wuhs)  in contact; touching 
 *6. graffiti   (gruh-FEE-dee)  inscriptions or writing on walls or other public surfaces 
 *7. chronology   (kruh-NAWL-uh-jee)  the arrangement of events in order
                                                               of occurrence 
 *8. syntax   (SIN-taks)  the arrangement of words in phrases, clauses, and sentences
 *9. allegory   (AL-uh-gohr-ee)  a story in which places, people and things have
                                                     a symbilic meaning 
*10. colloquial   (kuh-LOH-kwee-uhl)  words and phrases characteristuc of informal
                                                             speeech and writing 
*11. scenario   (suh-NER-ee-oh)  an outline of a play; a script for a novel
*12. extravaganza   (ek-strav-uh-GAN-zuh)  a spectacular show 
*13. dyslexia   (dis-LEK-see-uh)  impairment of the ability to read 
*14. insidious   (in-SID-ee-uhs)  characterized by treachery or slyness
*15. spinet   (SPIN-uht)  a small upright piano
*16. nabob   (NAY-bawb)  a very rich or important man
*17. amenable   (uh-MEN-uh-buhl)  responsible; answerable 
*18. eclectic   (ek-LEK-tik)  selecting or selected from various sources
*19. periphery   (puh-RIF-uh-ree)  an outer boundary 
*20. flamboyant   (flam-BOI-uhnt)  overly showy or ornate 
*21. perfidy   (PUHR-fuh-dee)  betrayal of trust; treachery 
*22. precocious   (pruh-KOH-shuhs)  showing mature qualities at an early age
*23. hierarchy   (HY-uhr-awr-kee)  a group of persons or things arranged
                                                        in order of rank
*24. charlatan  (SHAWR-luh-tuhn)  a pretender to special knowledge or skill 
*25. euphemism   (YOO-fuh-miz-uhm)  an acceptable word that substitutes for one
                                                               that is rude or offensive 
 26. surreal   (suh-REE-uhl)  bizarre; fantastic 
 27. addenda   (uh-DEN-duh)  a thing added, as an appendix
 28. plutonium   (ploo-TOHN-ee-uhm)  a radioactive metallic chemical element
 29. penicillin   (pen-uh-SIL-uhn)  an antibiotic obtained from certain molds
 30. spurious   (SPUHR-ee-uhs)  not genuine; false
 31. stratagem   (STRAT-uh-juhm)  a trick or plan for deceiving the enemy in wartime 
 32. assurgent   (uh-SUHR-juhnt)  ascending; rising
 33. acerbity   (uh-SUHRB-uh-tee)  sourness; sharpness of temper or words
 34. fugacity   (fyoo-GAS-uh-tee)  lack of enduring qualities; transience
 35. anathema   (uh-NATH-uh-muh)  a thing or person greatly detested
 36. harridan   (HER-uh-duhn)  a nasty, bad-tempered old woman
 37. nihilism   (NY-uhl-iz-uhm)  the general rejection of customary beliefs
                                                   in morality or religion  
 38. dentifrice   (DENT-uh-fris)  any preparation for cleaning teeth  
 39. trichinosis   (trik-uh-NOH-suhs)  a disease caused by intestinal worms
 40. sapiential   (sap-ee-EN-chuhl)  characterized by wisdom
 41. vellication   (vel-uh-KAY-shuhn)  twitching of muscle fibers 
 42. propinquity   (proh-PING-kwuh-tee)  nearness
 43. cataclysmic   (kad-uh-KLIZ-mik)  disastrous
 44. proboscis   (proh-BAWS-is)  the trunk of an elephant; any prolonged snout
 45. scrivener   (SKRIV-uh-nuhr)  a scribe; a professional copyist
 46. extirpate   (EKS-tuhr-payt)  to pull out by the roots; to destroy completely 
 47. mufti   (MUF-tee)  ordinary dress as opposed to military uniform
 48. vicissitude   (vuh-SIS-uh-tood)  an unpredictable change in life
 49. dieffenbachia   (dee-fuhn-BAK-ee-uh)  a tropical American erect plant
  50. catarrh   (kuh-TAWR)  inflammation of the musous membrane especially
                                               of the nose 
     * taken from 2011 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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