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                 2010 ColoradoState Spelling Bee Written Test
To make the oral finals at the 2010 Colorado State Spelling Bee,
a student had to spell 41 or more of these words correctly.
 *1. spectrum   (SPEK-truhm)  the colors of the rainbow
 *2. alcove   (AL-kohv)  a recessed section of a room
 *3. mathematics   (math-uh-MAD-iks)  the science dealing with quantities and
                                   forms and their relationships by use of numbers and symbols  
 *4. democracy   (duh-MAWK-ruh-see)  government by the people
 *5. alcohol   (AL-kuh-hawl)  a colorless, volatile, pungent liquid 
 *6. protagonist   (proh-TAG-uh-nist)  the main character in a drama or novel 
 *7. dynamic   (dy-NAM-ik)  energetic; vigorous 
 *8. benefactor   (BEN-uh-fak-tuhr)  one who has given financial help  
 *9. scenario   (suh-NER-ee-oh)  an outline of a play; a script for a movie 
*10. ridiculous   (ruh-DIK-yuh-luhs)  absurd 
*11. eureka   (yuh-REE-kuh)  "I have found it!" 
*12. ostentatious   (aw-stuhn-TAY-shuhs)  showy; pretentious 
*13. mistletoe   (MIS-uhl-toh)  a parasitic evergreen plant with poisonous berries 
*14. erudite   (ER-yoo-dyt)  learned; scholarly
*15. nadir   (NAY-duhr)  the lowest point
*16. genre   (ZHAWN-ruh)  a category of artistic or literary composition 
*17. paradigm   (PER-uh-dym)  a very clear or useful example 
*18. ameliorate   (uh-MEEL-yuh-rayt)  to improve something; to become better
*19. facetious   (fuh-SEE-shuhs)  joking inappropriately 
*20. capricious   (kuh-PRISH-uhs)  unpredicitable in attitude 
*21. hypocrisy   (hi-PAWK-ruh-see)  pretending to believe something when
                                                           in fact one does not 
*22. mesmerize   (MEZ-muhr-yz)  to hypnotize; to spellbind
*23. narcissistic   (nawr-suh-SIS-tik)  having an exaggerated opinion of oneself
*24. dossier  (DAW-see-ay)  a collection of documents about some matter 
*25. chauvinism   (SHOH-vuhn-iz-uhm)  an unfair attitude of superiority over a group 
 26. barbarous   (BAWR-buhr-uhs)  uncivilized; primitive 
*27. jalapeno   (hal-uh-PAYN-yoh)  a Mexican pepper
 28. soothsayer   (SOOTH-say-uhr)  one who professes to predict the future
 29. lexicon   (LEKS-uh-kawn)  a dictionary; a special vocabulary
 30. classicist   (KLAS-uh-sist)  one who adheres to the ascetic principles
                                                   of ancient Greece and Rome
 31. calumny   (KAL-uhm-nee)  a false and malicious statement; slander 
 32. cuisine   (kwi-ZEEN)  a style of cooking or preparing food
 33. cyanide   (SY-uh-nyd)  a white crystaline compound that is extremely poisonous
 34. divergent   (dy-VUHR-juhnt)  to move in different directions; to branch off
 35. regurgitant   (ruh-GUHRJ-uh-tuhnt)  throwing or flowing back
 36. delectable   (duh-LEK-tuh-buhl)  tasty; delightful
 37. scumble   (SKUM-buhl)  to soften the lines or coloring of a picture  
 38. olivine   (AWL-uh-veen)  a light yellowish-green color; a mineral  
 39. geniculate   (juh-NIK-yuh-luht)  bent abrubtly at an angle (like a bent knee)
 40. frippery   (FRIP-uh-ree)  a showy nonessential article of clothing
 41. panopticon   (pan-AWP-tuh-kawn)  a combination telescope and microscope 
 42. delphinium   (del-FIN-ee-uhm)  a tall plant bearing spikes of flowers
 43. singspiel   (SING-speel)  an 18th century German comic opera
 44. apotheosis   (uh-PAWTH-ee-oh-suhs)  the elevation of a human to the
                                                                     rank of a god
 45. corsair   (KOHR-ser)  a pirate or pirate ship
 46. chilblain   (CHIL-blayn)  a painful swelling or sore caused by exposure to cold 
 47. holophrastic   (hawl-uh-FRAS-tik)  expressing a complex of ideas in a single word
 48. obscurantism   (awb-SKYUHR-uhn-tiz-uhm)  a policy of withholding knowledge
                                                                             from the general public
 49. neolalia   (nee-oh-LAY-lee-uh)  a speech especially by a psychotic that includes
                                                      words that are new and meaningless to the hearer
  50. opinicus   (oh-PIN-uh-kuhs)  a fabulous beast like a griffon but with a short tail 
     * taken from 2010 on-line Spell It!   

State Written Test

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