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270 Spellers competed in the 2015 Colorado State Spelling Bee. Of those 35 spellers made the finals. Fourteen of the finalists were Denver Public School spellers. Edwin Wojcik of DSST-Conservatory Green finished in 2nd place when he mispelled nosocomial and Sylvie Lamontagne of Creigton Middle School correctly spelled the championship word sympatric. Bryan Flanigan, a 7th grader from GALS, finished in third place and Harley Hamilton of Hamilton Middle School, finished 4th. Other DPS spellers finishin in the top ten were Anna Nesnamova of Hamilton Middle School and Faith Baca of RMSEL. Below are the results of our fourteen state finalists:
Edwin Wojcik, DSST Conservatory Green (2nd place)
     Edwin spelled these words correctly:  yacht, karate, Islamic, bayou, cordovan, metamorphosis, fuselage, unnerve, contradictory, emancipation, aquamarine, capacitance, orthodontic, Einsteinian, fanfaronade, menorah, fuliginous, hypogeal, and katana before he went down on nosocomial.
Bryn Flanigan, Girl’s Athletic Leadership School (3rd place)
     Bryn spelled these words correctly:  primal, mosque, antibiotic, alcohol, didactic, koan, anomaly, bandage, concurrent, transgressor, oceanarium, verisimilitude, argentous, umbrageous, sinecure, bacillus, omniligent, and neutrino before she went down on porcini.
Hayley Hamilton, Hamilton Middle School (4th place)
     Hayley spelled these words correctly:  android, carnivore, morgue, harpsichord, insidious, periphery, saboteur, abstractive, mercenary, tetrad, osmotic, animacule, Appalachian, isotope, and pseudoscience before she went down on peristaltic.
Anna Neznamova, Hamilton Middle School (5th place)
     Anna spelled these words correctly:  miso, caboose, ductile, vulnerable, finesse, camphor, alkali, traction, thematic, dative, ribaldry, armada, and diplopia before she went down on nautilus.
Faith Baca, Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning (8th place)
     Faith spelled these words correctly:  hurdle, quiche, gazelle, elixir, gestalt, nachtmusik, recidivist, posterity, beauteous, oblate, and ideology before she went down on wasteweir.
Hanaa Salman, McAuliffe International School (13th place)
     Hanaa spelled these words correctly:  
ballerina, stucco, Crusoe, autopsy, parapet, beleaguer, serendipity, specific, nitrogen, and octagonal before she went down on frankincense.
Elissa Volling, Hamilton Middle School (16th place)
     Elissa spelled these words correctly:  Permian, lariat, hominy, homogeneous, samovar, philanthropy, Meiji, juliet, and verbosity before she went down on theoretician.
Sarah Young, Slavens School (16th place)
     Sarah spelled these words correctly:  kona, adjacent, vivisection, streusel, flense, herpetology, charlatan, millet, and leverage before she went down on decibel.
Hannah Pederson, Hamilton Middle School (21st place)
     Hannah spelled these words correctly:  threshold, retrospective, caribou, tatami, cynical, babka, recalcitrant, and museum before she went down on fomented.
Shalom Busse, Hamilton Middle School (24th place)
     Shalom spelled these words correctly:  sonata, praline, fennel, pochismo, lieutenant, notochord and mercerize before he went down on vinyl.
Samantha Sumner, Rocky Mountail School of Expeditionary Learning (24th place)
     Samantha spelled these words correctly:  soviet, ambiguity, spritz, suave, sortie, precipitate, and innocuous before she went down on lute.
Zachary Long, Slavens School (29th place)
     Zach spelled these words correctly:  curriculum, pandit, nether, bravura, diablo, and geronimo before he went down on halal.
Ben Abram, Slavens School (31st place)
     Ben spelled these words correctly:  hypothesis, sitzmark, matinee, and castanets before he went down on heifer.
Tessa Berns, Denver School of the Arts (35th place)
     Tessa spelled vanilla and interrupt correctly before she went down on mantilla.

Faith Baca
Edwin Wojcik
Samantha Sumner
Hanaa Salman
Bryn Flanigan
Shalom Busse
Anna Neznamova
Tessa Berns
Elissa Volling
Hayley Hamilton
Sarah Young
Zach Long
Ben Abram
Hannah Pederson


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