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Alex Jurich, an 8th grader from Hamilton Middle School, is the 2014 Colorado State Spelling Bee champion.  With three spellers remaining in the bee, Tessa Berns, a 7th grader from Denver School of the Arts, misspelled indemnitee (insurance against loss or damage), to finish in 3rd place.  Alex and Roshini Narayanan, an 8th grader from Ridgeview Classical School in Ft. Collins, then battled it out for 13 rounds until Alex correctly spelled cartesian (relating to the writings and teachings of Descartes) and Roshini misspelled abaca (a fiber obtained from the banana).  Alex then correctly spelled diptych (a hinged tablet containing two works of art) to claim the championship.  The twelve DPS state finalists are: 


      The 74rd Colorado State Spelling Bee was held Saturday, March 8, 2014, at the Colorado Convention Center.  284 students from all over the state of Colorado qualified for this event.  Of these, the top 34 spellers as determined by a morning written test qualified for the afternoon oral spelling bee.  Twelve of our Denver Public School spellers qualified for the state finals.  They were:

        Alex JurichHamilton Middle School, (Champion)

              Alex spelled these words correctly:  ambulance, cosmos, automaton, periphery, capitulation, prerogative, zucchini, Qatari, zeitgeber; polecat, bushels, judder, clavicle, veterinary, dispendious, brigand, stevedore, Gallic, multivious, hurdy-gurdy, phoenix, plenipotentiary, pharmaceuticals, pulmonate, prolepsis, majordomo, Cartesian, and diptych.

        Tessa Berns, Denver School of the Arts, (3rd place)

                            Tessa spelled these words correctly:  errand, praline, apathy, souvenir, salmonella, heifer, indigenous, trattoria, vivace, throttle, horde, ravine, modular, dulcify, miscreant, pomander, corona, pimpernel, and chantilly before she went down on indemnitee.

        Molly Berenbaum, Morey Middle School, (5th place)

              Molly spelled these words correctly:  manicure, maraca, toucan, crescendo, succotash, perennial, calypso, punctilio, durwan, definition, moxie, honorific, doldrums, ermine, propellable, ergo, and disseminate before she went down on pandurate.    

                Tia Karkos, Slavens, (10th place)

              Tia spelled these words correctly:  hearth, filament, corporal, tortoni, macramé, samovar, rasgado, fusillade, mihrab, canola, festal, acoustics, gossipmonger, and electrode before she went down on piquancy

             Evie Jurich, Hamilton Middle School, (10th place)

              Evie spelled these words correctly:  nosh, grotto, chalupa, acronym, philanthropy, guillotine, charpoy, charlatan, hemerocallis, Amish, custard, passivity, anise, and suite before she went down on legionary

                Bryn Flanigan, Girls Athletic Leadership School, (14th place)

              Bryn spelled these words correctly:  humble, cockatoo, wiseacre, bower, extravaganza, wainscot, karaoke, basmati, sauerbraten, recovery, amplitude, and financial before she went down on Beefalo

                Hannah Pederson, Hamilton Middle School, (14th place)

              Hannah spelled these words correctly:  caboose, lunatic, palette, sayonara, gazpacho, troika, panglossian, issei, balalaika, beachhead, downtrodden, and collier before she went down on parishioner.

             Eric Webb, Hamilton Middle School, (14th place)

              Eric spelled these words correctly:  bandersnatch, affinity, mattock, mistletoe, Meistersinger, taupe, ephemeral, halal, saboteur, rustle, ofttimes, and detonate before he went down on Mylar.

             Sawyer Markham, Hamilton Middle School, (17th place)

                      Sawyer spelled these words correctly:  transect, hyphen, saffron, concerto, dyslexia, notochord, tertiary, sassafras, madeleine, column, parbuckle, and honorific before she went down on impunity.

               Leora Busse, Hamilton Middle School, (20th place)

                      Leora spelled all of these words correctly:  powwow, nightingale, anchovy, subterfuge, regatta, glasnost, fuselage, chassis, kielbasa, and stifling before she went down on chia.

            Anlan Du, Morey Middle School, (25th place)

                      Anlan spelled all of these words correctly:  hurdle, crochet, Kabuki, mole, erudite, and beleaguer before she went down on ameliorate.

            Natalya Hill, Denver School of the Arts, (34th place)

                      Natalya spelled ravel correctly before she went down on threshold.

Natalia Hill Hannah Pederson Eric Webb
Leora Busse
Anlan Du Alex Jurich
Evie Jurich
Tia Karkos
Molly Berenbaum Sawyer Markham
Tessa Berns
 Bryn Flanigan


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