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Himanvi Kopuri, a 7th grader from Hamilton Middle School, is the 2013 Colorado State Spelling Bee champion.  With three spellers remaining in the bee, Alex Jurich, another Hamilton 7th grader, misspelled akaryote (a cell lacking a nucleus), to finish in 3rd place.  Himanvi then correctly spelled rubicelle (an orange-red mineral) and Megan Takeda from Castle Rock Middle School correctly spelled chresard (the soil water available for plant growth).  In the next round Himanvi got geanticline (an upward thrust of the Earth’s crust) right but Megan misspelled labefaction (a weakening of civil order) to finish in the runner-up position.  Himanvi then correctly spelled her championship word oriel (a large bay window).  The eight DPS state finalists are: 


      The 73rd Colorado State Spelling Bee was held Saturday, March 16, 2013, at the Colorado Convention Center.  288 students from all over the state of Colorado qualified for this event.  Of these, the top 40 spellers as determined by a morning written test qualified for the afternoon oral spelling bee.  Eight of our Denver Public School spellers qualified for the state finals.  They were:

        Himanvi KopuriHamilton Middle School, (Champion)

              Himanvi spelled these words correctly:  rucksack, candidate, vulnerable, trajectory, bambino, gingham, coloratura, certainty, scourge, laterigrade, mobiliary, coralline, violaceous, rubicelle, geanticline, and oriel

        Alex Jurich, Hamilton Middle School, (3rd place)

                            Alex spelled these words correctly:  gospel, adobe, hydraulic, buccaneer, hedonism, Swahili, egregious, sanction, quince, bullionist, coterie, stereognosis, and pessimum before he went down on akaryote.

        Leora BusseHamilton Middle School, (4th place)

              Leora spelled these words correctly:  cashew, spritz, Boswell, megalopolis, staccato, inselberg, roodebok, shipwreck, nostalgia, abnegation, jicama, and Einsteinium before she went down on ratafia.    

                Molly Berenbaum, Morey Middle School, (8th place)

              Molly spelled these words correctly:  nostril, discern, percolate, incriminate, koan, motif, tritium, bolster, procrastinating, deglaciation, and rembrandt before she went down on decastich.

             Evie Jurich, Hamilton Middle School, (8th place)

              Evie spelled these words correctly:  waltz, gristle, benefactor, angst, egalitarian, tachometer, zinnia, impede, whilst, prevaricate, and exaugural before she went down on heliacal.

                Bryn Flanigan, Cory Elementary School, (14th place)

              Bryn spelled these words correctly:  harpoon, prescription, geothermal, satori, hydrology, junta, algorithm, truffled, unilateral, and Bethesda before she went down on tyrannical.

                Tia Karkos, Slavens School, (14th place)

              Tia spelled these words correctly:  tundra, potash, castanets, empanada, salve, peloton, nisei, intently, squall, and adiabatic before she went down on nymphal.

             Sawyer Markham, Hamilton Middle School, (31st place)

              Sawyer spelled these words correctly:  easel, coyote, syntax and bratwurst before she went down on pyre.


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