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      The 70th Colorado State Spelling Bee was held Saturday, March 6, 2010, at the Colorado Convention Center.  279 students from all over the state of Colorado qualified for this event.  Of these, the top 36 spellers as determined by a morning written test qualified for the afternoon oral spelling bee.  Ten of our Denver Public School spellers qualified for the state finals.  They were:

        Kate BurniteHamilton Middle School, (28th place)

              Kate spelled these words correctly:  guru, ventilatearistocracy, castanets, and mariachi before she went down on susceptible

        Laurel Rubel, Hamilton Middle School, (21st place)

              Laurel spelled these words correctly:  renovate, taj, prosaic, barriodidactic, pneumatic, and trattoria before she went down on mihrab.

        Josh Spielman, Denver School of the Arts, (17th place)

              Josh spelled these words correctly:  trauma, animosity, ambiguity, providence, metaphor, langlauf, rasgado, virgule and pizzicato before he went down on escrow.    

                Grace McCabe, Morey Middle School, (17th place)

              Grace spelled these words correctly:  gordita, aria, chipotle, samurai, cossack, issei, bromeliad, recidivist and schnecke before she went down on mystically.

                 Jacob Durso-SabinaHamilton Middle School, (14th place):

              Jacob spelled these words correctly:  newton, cadenza, prodigal, homogeneous, maladroit, pasteurize, serendipity, novillero, exacerbate, and repast before he went down on commisary.

            Jacob Neumann, Morey Middle School, (13th place):      

              Jacob spelled these words correctly:  mahimahi, sarcasm, obstinate, cedilla, peloton, camphor, hierarchy, Qatari, durwan, addenda, and docility before he went down on gulosity.

                Danny Sarché, Hamilton Middle School, (5th place):

              Danny spelled these words correctly:  protein, harmonica, sallow, meticulous, poinsettia, ocarina, zinnia, saboteur, jacamar, peevish, esotericism, debutante, and parvitude before he went down on donzella.

                 Dylan Salzman, Hill Campus of Arts and Sciences, (5th place):

              Dylan spelled these words correctly:  idiom, quesadilla, streusel, impetuous, ephemeral, recalcitrant, anachronism, philhellenism, odium, derelict, metagnomy, and platitudinal before he went down on dehiscence

                Linda Schiller, Morey Middle School, (2nd place):

              Linda spelled these words correctly:  elite, rouge, ominous, ergonomic, dressage, camouflage, mercerize, fraulein, Croesuspendule, pulverize, echelon, gudgeon, pantheon, canape, and charisma before she went down on ursine.

             Brian King, Connections Academy, (Champion):

              Brian spelled these words correctly:  guitar, androcentric, klompen, ampere, neologism, jeremiad, basmati, Romaji, euthanasia, asterisk, Dickensian, obreptitious, cornice, monstrance, holoplankton, rudimentary, demure and traumatropism.

Brian King Linda Schiller Dylan Salzman Danny Sarché
Jacob Neumann Jacob Durso-Sabina  Grace McCabe Josh Spielman
Laurel Rubel  Kate Burnite  


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