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      The 68th Colorado State Spelling Bee was held Saturday, March 20, 2008, at the Colorado Convention Center.  232 students from all over the state of Colorado qualified for this event.  Of these, the top 40 spellers as determined by a morning written test qualified for the afternoon oral spelling bee.  Eight of our Denver Public School spellers qualified for the state finals.  They were:

        Jacob West-RobertsMorey Middle School (34th place)

              Jacob spelled trajectory and egalitarian correctly before he went down on notochord

        Brian King, Connections Academy, (21st place)

              Brian spelled these words correctly:  mongrel, Permian, peloton, diablo, belligerent, and maelstrom before he went down on masala.

        Ali Norwood, Smiley Middle School, (18th place)

              Ali spelled these words correctly:  fresco, corporal, gestalt, poltergeist, quisling, efficacy, and chauvinism before she went down on zeitgeber.    

                Grace McCabe, Morey Middle School, (14th place)

              Grace spelled these words correctly:  protocol, antipasto, contrapuntal, satori, camouflage, hyperbole, hemerocallis, and issei before she went down on ambitious.

                 Richard NorwoodSmiley Middle School, (14th place):

              Richard spelled these words correctly:  autopsy, tortilla, Argentine, mistletoe, gauche, punctilio, commissar, and vivace, before he went down on krypton.

            Chloe Briney, Morey Middle School, (9th place):      

              Chloe spelled these words correctly:  temporal, lariat, precipice, jeremiad, trepak, anomaly, scherzo, douane, tarmac, and excoriate before she went down on denigratory.

                Will Paton, Hamilton Middle School, (3rd place):

              Will spelled these words correctly:  wiseacre, iguana, verboten, diphthong, metamorphosis, terrapin, tokamak, raita, conceivable, abhorrence, and acquiescence before he went down on polymythy.

                 Alec Sarché, Hamilton Middle School, (2nd place):

              Alec spelled these words correctly:  quiche, neologism, homogeneous, Wagnerian, koan, ocarina, durwan, blitzkrieg, recurring, pompadour, execration, perfidy, manteau, and stanchion before he went down on immunoassay.

Top Row: Richard Norwood, Grace McCabe, Ali Norwood, Jacob West-Roberts. Bottom Row: Will Paton, Chloe Briney, Brian King, Alec Sarché. Will Paton (3rd Place) and Alec Sarché (2nd Place) with their medals on stage at the Colorado State Spelling Bee.


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