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Maria Ciobanu, a 7th grader at Denver School of the Arts, is the 2018 City Written Spelling Champion.  Second place was a tie between Finn Hilty, a 7th grader at DSA and Alyssa Robertson, an 8th grader at Hamilton Middle School.  Tied for 4th place are Thomas Flint and Mia George, both 8th graders at Denver Discovery School and Ben Holland, a 6th grader at Hamilton Middle School.
2018 City Orals co-champions are Finn Hilty (left) and Maria Ciobanu (center), both 7th graders at Denver School of the Arts.  Maria is also the 2018 City Written district spelling champion.  At right is Zach Long who finished in 3rd place at City Orals.  Zach is in 7th grade at Slavens K-8 School.

Faith Baca, 8th grader at Rocky Mountain School for Expeditionary Learning, is the 2017 City Written district champion, and the 2017 City Orals district championship spelling bee champion.  Faith also became the 2017 Colorado State Spelling Bee champion.  
At left is Bryn Flanigan 2016 City Written champion and City Orals Champion.  Bryn is an 8th grader at Girl’s Athletic Leadership School.   Top finishers at City Orals are Thomas Flint, 2nd place, Denver Discovery School; Gwenyth Aggeler, 3rd place, DSA; Carter Ottele, 4th place, DSA; and Anne Hartshorn, 5th place, DSA.

Bryn Flanigan, 7th grader from Girl’s Athletic Leadership School, is the 2015 City Written champion and the 2015 City Orals spelling bee champion.  Bryn finished in 3rd place at the Colorado State Spelling Bee.
2014 City Written champion:  Leora Busse, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School.
2014 City Orals champion:  Hannah Pederson, 7th grade, Hamilton Middle School.
Tia Karkos of Slavens is the 2013 City Written co-champion.  Himanvi Kopuri from Hamilton is the 2013 City Written co-champion and the 2013 City Orals champion.  
2012 City Written champion Himanvi Kopuri from Hamilton Middle School. Kevin Vick from Hamilton Middle School is the 2012 City Orals champion. 
2011 City Written champion Linda Schiller from Morey Middle School. 2011 City Orals champion Danny Sarché from Hamilton Middle School.

2010 City Written co-champion Grace McCabe of Morey Middle School.  2010 City Written co-champion Danny Sarché of Hamilton Middle School. 

2010 City Orals champion Brian King from Connections Academy.  
2009 City Orals co-champions Raphael Lawrence and Chloe Briney.   2009 City Written champion Linda Schiller. 


Alec Sarché, 2008 City Written champion, and Chloe Briney, 2008 City Orals champion.

The 2007 City Oral Spelling Bee final five are Sarah Pierce (4th place, Hamilton), Jacob Durso-Sabina (5th place, Cory), Alec Sarché (1st place, Hamilton), Jane Gerboth (2nd place, Grant Ranch), and Richard Norwood (3rd place, Smiley).  Alec Sarché was also the City Written champion.  
2006 City Written Champions

At left is 2006 City Orals champion Victoria Segal of Morey and at right is City Orals runner-up Xavier Brown of Smiley.  2006 City Written champion Ryan Sozi of Morey is in the center.


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