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2010   Brian King     Connections Academy
          winning word:  traumatropism

          20th place - Scripps National Spelling Bee
       Linda Schiller     Morey Middle School
          word missed:  ursine

       Sam Cyphers     Holy Family Catholic School (Grand Junction) 
          word missed:  impetus
             DPS finalists:
               Brian King           Connections Academy (Champion)
               Linda Schiller       Morey  (2nd place)
               Dylan Salzman        Hill  (5th place)
               Danny Sarché         Hamilton  (5th place)
               Jacob Neumann        Morey  (13th place)
               Jacob Durso-Sabina   Hamilton  (14th place) 
               Grace McCabe         Morey  (17th place)
               Josh Spielman        DSA  (17th place)
               Laurel Rubel         Hamilton  (21st place)
               Kate Burnite         Hamilton  (28th place)

2011   Dhivya Senthil Murugan     Challenge School (Cherry Creek)
          winning word:  plumicorn
       Jacob Durso-Sabina     Morey Middle School
          word missed:  caisson

             DPS finalists:
               Jacob Durso-Sabina   Morey  (2nd place)
               Raphael Lawrence     Hill  (8th place)
               Linda Schiller       Morey  (8th place)
               Kevin Vick           Hamilton  (8th place)
               Annika Moen          RMSEL  (13th place)
               Danny Sarché         Hamilton  (13th place) 
               Dylan Salzman        Hill  (13th place)
               Himanvi Kopuri       Southmoor  (20th place)
               Riley Somo           Southmoor  (20th place)
               Kate Burnite         Hamilton  (24th place)
               Sydney Oswald        Morey  (24th place) 
               Jackson Hicks        Hamilton  (30th place)
               Sara Khorchidian     RMSEL  (30th place)
               Maddie Kerr          Hill  (34th place)
               Josh Spielman        DSA  (34th place)

2012   Frank Cahill     Ave Maria Catholic School (Parker)
          winning word: metacarpal
       Himanvi Kopuri     Hamilton Middle School
          word missed: billabong

       Connor McGrath     Creighton Middle School
          word missed: irrepressible
             DPS finalists:
               Himanvi Kopuri       Hamilton (2nd place)
               Tia Karkos           Slavens (7th place)
               Jackson Hicks        Hamilton (9th place)
               Danny Sarché         Hamilton (9th place) 
               Josh Spielman        DSA (12th place)
               Alex Jurich          Hamilton (15th place)

               Eva Claire Jarecke   DSA (24th place)
               Annika Moen          RMSEL (38th place)

               Kevin Vick           Hamilton (38th place)

2013   Himanvi Kopuri     Hamilton Middle School
          winning word: oriel

          19th place - Scripps National Spelling Bee
       Megan Takeda     Castle Rock Middle School
          word missed: labefaction

             DPS finalists:
               Himanvi Kopuri       Hamilton (Champion)
               Alex Jurich          Hamilton (3rd place)
               Leora Busse          Hamilton (4th place)
               Molly Berenbaum      Morey (8th place) 
               Evie Jurich          Hamilton (8th place)
               Bryn Flanigan        Cory (14th place)

               Tia Karkos           Slavens (14th place)
               Sawyer Markham       Hamilton (31st place)

2014   Alex Jurich     Hamilton Middle School
          winning word: diptych

          47th place - Scripps National Spelling Bee
       Roshini Narayanan  Ridgeview Classical School (Fort Collins)

          word missed: abaca
             DPS finalists:
               Alex Jurich          Hamilton (Champion)
               Tessa Berns          DSA (3rd place)
               Molly Berenbaum      Morey (5th place) 
               Evie Jurich          Hamilton (10th place)
               Tia Karkos           Slavens (10th place)

               Bryn Flanigan        GALS (14th place)
               Hannah Pederson      Hamilton (14th place)
               Eric Webb            Hamilton (14th place)
               Sawyer Markham       Hamilton (17th place)
               Leora Busse          Hamilton (20th place)
               Anlan Du             Morey (25th place)
               Natalya Hill         DSA (34th place)

2015   Sylvie Lamontagne     Creighton Middle School
          winning word: sympatric

       Edwin Wojcik     DSST-Conservatory Green
          word missed: nosocomial
             DPS finalists:

               Edwin Wojcik         DSST-CG (2nd place)
               Bryn Flanigan        GALS (3rd place)
               Hayley Hamilton      Hamilton (4th place)
               Anna Nesnamova       Hamilton (5th place)
               Faith Baca           RMSEL (8th place)
               Hanaa Salman         McAuliffe (13th place)
               Elissa Volling       Hamilton (16th place)
               Sarah Young          Slavens (16th place)

               Hannah Pederson      Hamilton (21st place)
               Shalom Busse         Hamilton (24th place)
               Samantha Sumner      Hamilton (24th place)
               Zachary Long         Slavens (29th place)
               Ben Abram            Slavens (31st place)
               Tessa Berns          DSA (35th place)

2016   Sylvie Lamontagne     Creighton Middle School
          winning word: ossifrage

       Austin McBride     Campus Middle School
          word missed: strychnine
             DPS finalists:

               Bryn Flanigan        GALS (3rd place)
               Faith Baca           RMSEL (5th place)
               Tobias Holm          Hamilton (5th place)
               Gwenyth Aggeler      DSA (7th place)
               Jake Faulk           Hamilton (8th place)
               Elissa Volling       Hamilton (8th place)
               Edwin Wojcik         DSST-CG (8th place)
               Benjamin Holland     Cory (11th place)

               Shalom Busse         Hamilton (13th place)
               Emi Grady-Willis     Hamilton (13th place)
               Anne Hartshorn       DSA (13th place)
               Sarah Young          Slavens (13th place)
               Carter Ottele        DSA (20th place)
               Alyssa Robertson     Hamilton (20th place)
               Anna Nexnamova       Hamilton (25th place)
               Alex Acosta          Merrill (26th place)
               Finn Hilty           Polaris@Ebert (26th place)
               Ben Abram            Slavens (29th place)
               Hayley Hamilton      Hamilton (29rd place)
               Andie Scheinbaum     RMSEL (32nd place)

Twenty finalists from DPS in 2016 breaks the all-time record of 19 finalists by a school district previously set in 1967, also by the Denver Public Schools.

2017   Faith Baca     Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning
          winning word: rhabdoid

          189th place - Scripps National Spelling Bee
Luke Henson     Christian Home Educators of Colorado
          word missed: aubade
             DPS finalists:

               Faith Baca           RMSEL (champion)
               Edwin Wojcik         DSST-CG (3rd place)
               Maria Ciobanu        DSA (4th place)
               Angelian Holm        University Park (4th place)
               Carter Ottele        DSA (4th place)
               Alyssa Robertson     Hamilton (11th place)
               Zach Long            Slavens (12th place)

               Sarah Young          Slavens (12th place)
               Thomas Flint         DDS (16th place)
               Finn Hilty           DSA (16th place)
               Jake Faulk           Slavens (19th place)
               Benjamin Holland     Cory (21st place)
               Ben Abram            Slavens (27th place)
               Sam Holland          Cory (27th place)
               Grady Redding        Slavens (32nd place)

2018   Angelina Holm     Denver School of the Arts
          winning word: helminthiasis

          42nd place Scripps National Spelling Bee
       Ben Holland     Hamilton Middle School
          word missed: marouflage

             DPS finalists:
               Angelina Holm        DSA (champion)
               Ben Holland          Hamilton (2nd place)
               Jake Faulk           Slavens (3rd place)
                 31st place Scripps National Spelling Bee
               Zach Long            Slavens (3rd place)
               Maria Ciobanu        DSA (7th place)
               Mia George           DDS (7th place)

               Fill Hilty           DSA (10th place)
               Alyssa Robertson     Hamilton (10th place)
               Bryson Browning      Cory (13th place)
               Thomas Flint         DDS (13th place)
               Lindsay Sieja        Polaris (15th place)
               Grant Weibe          McAuliffe (22nd place)
               Grady Redding        Slavens (27th place)


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