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2000   Evelyn Eisele     home schooled
          winning word:  scree
       Brynn LeWallen     Powell Middle School (Littleton)
          word missed:  caudal
             DPS finalists:
               Lindsay Miller   DSA  (10th place)
               Ian Campbell     Smiley
               Brian Davidson   Place
               Greg Farris      MLK
               Alex McKenzie    Smiley
               Will Richman     MLK

2001   Mitesh Shridhar     West Middle School
          wining word:  fusillade
       Pratyush Buddiga     Mountain Ridge M. S. (Colo. Spgs.)
          word missed:  decennary
             DPS finalists:
               Lindsay Miller      Hamilton  (7th place)
               Kara Miller         Hamilton  (12th place)
               Michael Wilkerson   Smiley  (23rd place)

2002   Pratyush Buddiga     Mountain Ridge M. S. (Colo. Spgs.)
          winning word: 
       Samira Kadam     The Manning School (Golden)

              * later declared co-champion when a protest was allowed
          word missed:  lycanthrope
             DPS finalists:
               Kara Miller       Hamilton  (13th place)
               Claire Clancy     DSA  (17th place)
               Kelsey Scribner   DSA  (19th place)
               Jessica Pruitt    DSA  (21st place)
               Cara Feldkamp     DSA  (21st place)
               Leah Wolberg      DSA  (30th place)

2003   Scott Reyes     Scott Carpenter Middle School
          winning word:  lidocaine
       Adam Iona     Century Middle School (Adams Co.)
          word missed:  pauperitic
             DPS finalists:
               Kara Miller      DSA  (5th place)
               Cara Feldkamp    DSA  (10th place)
               Maddie Wolberg   Hamilton  (12th place)
               Tom Roberts      Southmoor  (16th place)
               Ella Peterson    Place  (21st place)
               Sean Work        Merrill  (23rd place)
               Cathryn Greene   Place  (27th place)

2004   Akshay Buddiga     Mountain Rodge M. S. (Colo. Spgs.)
          became 2004 NATIONAL RUNNERUP
          winning word:  paronomasia
       Rachel Barton     home schooled
          word missed:  philately
             DPS finalists:
               Ella Peterson    Place  (19th place)
               Levi Peterson    Place  (19th place)
               Taylor Webster   Hamilton  (19th place)
               Maddie Wolberg   Hamilton  (19th place)
               Sarah Wolberg    Southmoor  (33rd place)

2005   Josiah Hamill     home schooled (Franktown)
          winning word:  stupefacient
       Zach Cantor     Challenge School (Englewood)
          word missed:  fritillary
             DPS finalists:
               Taylor Webster         Hamilton  (10th place)
               Levi Peterson          Place  (16th place)
               Maddie Wolberg         Hamilton  (18th place)
               Caroline Bringenberg   Hamilton  (28th place)
               Brendan Soane          Southmoor  (30th place)
               Sarah Wolberg          Morey  (33rd place)

2006   Kayla Hudson     Liberty Middle School (Aurora)
          winning word:  refulgent
       Zach Cantor     Challenge School (Englewood)
          word missed:  perlustrate
             DPS finalists:
               Ryan Sozi              Morey  (11th place)
               Victoria Segal         Morey  (17th place)
               Caroline Bringenberg   Hamilton  (22nd place)

          Caroline Bringenberg graduated 3rd in her class 
          from George Washington High School in 2010 and
          now attends Occidental College in los Angeles.

2007   Jake Smith     Mountain Ridge M. S. (Highlands Ranch)
          winning word: ultimogeniture
       Rachel Huerta     home schooled
          word missed:  Yeatsian
             DPS finalists:
               Will Paton           Southmoor  (10th place)
               Alec Sarché          Hamilton  (10th place)
               Jacob West-Roberts   Morey  (13th place)
               Kelsey Haberman      Morey  (21st place)
               Evan Shigaya         Hamilton  (21st place)

2008   Alec Smith     Mountain Ridge M. S. (Highlands Ranch)
          winning word:  alluvium
       Alec Sarché     Hamilton Middle School
          word missed:  immunoassay
             DPS finalists:
               Alec Sarché          Hamilton  (2nd place)
               Will Paton           Hamilton  (3rd place)
               Chloe Briney         Morey  (9th place)
               Grace McCabe         Morey  (14th place)
               Richard Norwood      Smiley  (14th place)
               Ali Norwood          Smiley  (18th place)
               Brian King           Connections Academy  (21st place)
               Jacob West-Roberts   Morey  (34th place)

2009   Christian Smith     Christian Home Educators of Colorado
          winning word:  lucigen
       Alexandra Ward      Bill Reed Middle School
          word missed:  monogamous
             DPS finalists:
               Jacob Durso-Sabina   Hamilton  (3rd place)
               Brian King           Connections Academy  (5th place)
               Chloe Briney         Morey  (8th place)
               Alec Sarché          Hamilton  (8th place)
               Will Paton           Hamilton  (13th place)
               Aubin Fefley         Hamilton  (16th place)
               Linda Schiller       Morey  (16th place)
               Evan Shigaya         Hamilton  (16th place)
               Josh Spielman        Southmoor  (16th place)
               Danny Sarché         Southmoor  (21st place)
               Grace McCabe         Morey  (28th place)


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