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1990   Melissa Lake     Hill Middle School
          winning word:  zanily
       Jennifer Phillips     home schooled
          word missed:  parfait
             DPS finalists:
               Melissa Lake       Hill  (1st place)
               Dia Sokol          Hill  (4th place)
               Angela Vargo       Hill  (5th place)
               Jessica Broneski   Hill
               Emily Hay          Hill
               Steve Hoskins      Hill
               Vail Wilson        Merrill



In 1990 Melissa Lake (left) of Hill Middle School became the 21st Denver Public Schools student to win the Colorado State Spelling Bee. Since her victory Melissa has earned a degree in engineering from the University of Colorado and still resides in Denver.  Rocky Mountain News photo by Jay Koetzer.


1991   Matt Winkel     Campus Middle School
          winning word:  blandishment
       John Cicero     Deer Creek Jr. High
          word missed:  grallatorial
             DPS finalists:
               Matt Giesey   Hill
               Shoshona Le   Kunsmiller

1992   Jennifer Phillips     home schooled
          winning word:  ciconine
       Melissa Reilly     Turner Middle School (Berthod)
          word missed:  appetitost
             DPS finalists:
               Courtney Roby   Baker
               Eric Sechrist   Horace Mann

1993  Julie Vogel     Most Precious Blood
         winning word:  peremptorily
      Nina Choy     Denison Jr. High (Littleton)
         word missed:  incontrovertible
            DPS finalists:
              Suzanne Butz   Place  (15th place)

        Suzanne (Butz) Thuecks was the valedictorian of the
        IB program at George Washington High School, earned her

        BA at Lawrence University and masters at the University
        of Iowa.  She now teaches high school chemistry and
        forensic science in Madison, Wisconsin.  She writes,
        "I still love words as much as I did in middle school,
        and knowing many of the Greek and Latin roots of my 
        spelling words was invaluable in my science courses
        in high school and college."  In 2008 and 2009 Suzanne  
        won two adult charity spelling bees, participating with
        fellow teachers from her high school.

1994   Caroline Leong     Powell Middle School (Littleton)
          winning word:  nosography
       Ben Kowalski     Bell Middle School (Golden)
          word missed:  fontinal
             DPS finalists:
               Suzanne Butz     Place (6th place)
               Laura Graham     Hill
               Brent Howard     Hill
               Michael Massey   Place

1995   Ben Kowalski     Bell Middle School (Golden)
          winning word:  hallucinatory
       Debbie Wan     Bell Middle School (Golden)
          word missed:  corrodible
             DPS finalists:  none

1996   Brittany Holmes     home schooled
          winning word:  emissary
       Stephen Partridge     Ken Caryl Middle School
          word missed:  appeasable
             DPS finalists:
               Anna Cueni     Baker

1997   Brittany Holmes     home schooled
          winning word:  governance
       Jeff Hensley     Mandalay Middle School (Westminster)
          word missed:  filial
             DPS finalists:
               Nick Gaylord        Merrill
               Lisa Holme          Hill
               Pauline Phan        Baker
               Nathaniel Roberts   Smiley

1998   Rachel Tyree     Caliche Jr. High (Crook, CO)
          winning word:  gastronomy
       Ramya Mishra     Kyfflin Elementary
          word missed:  verdolaga
             DPS finalists:
               Megan Sheehan     Hill
               Nick West-Miles   Place
               Ben Worthen       Place

1999   Adam Naito     Ken Caryl Middle School
          winning word:  brachiosaur
       Purun Cheong     Kendrick Lakes Elementary
          word missed:  funambulist
             DPS finalists:
               Rebecca Davila        Grant
               John de Jong          Smiley
               Amy Feinstein         Place
               Cassandra MacKenzie   DSA
               Lindsay Miller        DSA
               Will Richman          MLK
               Helen Skiba           DSA
               Danica Taber          Baker


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