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1970   Tom Moe, Jr.     John F. Kennedy Jr. High
          winning word:  queue
       Dave Assafi     Hamilton Jr. High
          word missed:  allemande
             DPS finalists
               Dave Assafi       Hamilton  (2nd place)
               Alan Pihlak       Rishel  (3rd place)
               Margrit Benton    Hill
               Atlanta Dye       Smiley
               Kirk Hutchinson   Hill
               Thomas Iowa       Byers
               Cindy Lewin       Hill
               Julie Naster      Hill

1971   Liz Patterson     Hill Jr. High
          winning word: 
       Craig Engleman     Kunsmiller Jr. High
          word missed: 
             DPS finalists:
               Liz Patterson    Hill  (1st place)
               Craig Engleman   Kunsmiller  (2nd place)
               Kendra Oswald    Kunsmiller  (4th place)
               Mark Reid        John F. Kennedy  (5th place
                      others unknown

1972   Laurie Naster     Hill Jr. High
          winning word:  culpable
       Ronald Emeson     Hill Jr. High
          word missed:  muskmelon
             DPS finalists:
               Laurie Naster     Hill  (1st place)
               Ronald Emeson     Hill  (2nd place)
               Ferrill Roll      Kunsmiller  (4th place)
               Craig Doolittle   Rishel  (7th place)
               Richard Uhrlaub   Kunsmiller  (8th place)
                others unknown

1973   Greg Kerwin     Christ the King
          winning word:  bourgeoisie
       Mark Groshek     Christ the King
          word missed:  rapprochement
             DPS finalists:
               Faryl Reingold       Hill  (3rd place)
               Scott Knaster        Hill  (6th place)
               David Brase          Byers
               Jeff Collier         Hamilton
               Kirsten Fowler       Hill
               Pam Fry              Kepner
               Jane Gaunt           Merrill
               Debbie Goldman       Place
               Patti Gingrich       Hamilton
               Michelle Hauser      Hamilton
               Collette Robertson   Hill
               Michelle Shappell    Merrill

1974   Margaret Miner     Carey Jr. High (Cheyenne, WY)
          winning word:  poignancy
       Marty Moran     Christ the King
          word missed:  brumous
             DPS finalists:
               Monty Cleworth    Byers
               Jim Cline         Byers
               Pam Conover       Hill
               Joanne Eskenazi   Hamilton
               Debra Griego      Rishel
               Gary Hite         John F. Kennnedy
               Dave Lucas        John F. Kennedy
               Mitch Mischetti   John F. Kennedy

1975   Mary Kerwin     Christ the King
          winning word:  lieutenancy
       Chris Goldsworthy     Telluride
          word missed:  decoupage
             DPS finalists:
               Joanne Eskenazi   Cole
                 others unknown

1976   Charlie Lansville     St. Philamena (Denver)
          winning owrd:  bizarrely
       Noel Ludwig     Euclid Jr. High
          word missed:  alphagram
             DPS finalists:  unknown

1977   Elizabeth Lewis     Creighton Jr. High
          winning word:  inverness
       Sally Alenius     All Souls (Englewood)
          word missed:  hewgag
             DPS finalists:
               Dan Axelrad     Hamilton
               Edith Dulacky   Morey
               Matthew Levy    Hill
               Diane Pacheco   Lake
               Ellen Reilly    Hill
               Rachel Roe      Cole  (Rachel was the semantics teacher
                                                  [2008-09] at MLK Early College.
                                                  She missed "thuggee" at State.)

               Andy Saliman    Smiley

1978   Tom Tucker     Carmody Jr. High (Lakewood)
          winning word:  tabloidism
       Sharman Sutherland     CY Jr. High (Casper, WY)
          word missed:  incavation
             DPS finalists:
               April Bartonberger   Byers
               Edith Dulacki        Morey
               Todd Pemberton       Place
               Mike Summers         Rishel

1979   Katie Kerwin     Christ the King
          became 1979 NATIONAL CHAMPION
          winning word:  clinquant
       Jacques Bailey     St. Vincent de Paul
          Dr. Jacques Bailey is now the pronouncer
          for the NATIONAL SPELLING BEE

          word missed:  multifarious
             DPS finalsts:
               Joe Castellano         Cole
               Donna Kothe            Kepner
               Bob Kramer             Place
               Jeanette Sorrell       Merrill
               Nancy Susman           Place
               Christopher Thompson   Horace Mann


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