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1950   Janet Murphy     St. John's (Denver)
          winning word:  exchequer
       Connie Shidler     Lake Jr. High
          word missed:  dyspepsia
             DPS finalists:
                Connie Shidler      Lake  (2nd place)
                Judith Huhta        Gove  (4th place)
                Betsy Warren        Grant  (5th place)
                Sandra Watson       Cole  (6th place)
                Howard Needler      Gove  (7th place)
                Roberta Rabinoff    Byers  (9th place)
                Jim Haley           Cole
                Carol Shellhammer   Gove
                Mike Brooks         Skinner
                Sharon Fellman        unknown
                Doris Vingard         unknown
                Jonathan Weiss        unknown
                Irene Yamada          unknown

1951   Sandra Watson     Cole Jr. High
          winning word:  psychiatry
       Nora McKnight     Westwood School
          word missed:  colliery
             DPS finalists (16 out of 25):
               Sandra Watson       Cole  (1st place)
               Nora McKnight       Westwood  (2nd place)
               Betty Jean Boyd     Grant
               Mike Brooks         Skinner
               Kay Corum           Gove
               Louis Fine          Gove
               Jay Franz           Smiley
               Jim Haley           Cole
               Judy Huhta          Byers
               Ronald Krieger      Lake
               Ann Lindon          Gove
               Joan Lipersick      Morey
               Carol Orvis         Gove
               Lola Reeve          Westwood
               Rod Webb            Smiley
               Karen Wetig         Byers

1952   Dick Murphy     Blessed Sacrament (Denver)
          winning word:  hyperbole
       Don Empfield     Powell Jr. High (Powell, WY)
          word missed:  gaillardia
             DPS finalists:

               Carol Constantine        unknown
               Dorilyn Evans            unknown
               Louis Fine             Gove
               Sharon Frank             unknown
               Ann Linden             Gove
               Brian McMillan           unknown
               Dennis Naylin            unknown
               Larry Robbins            unknown
               Virginia Thompson        unknown
               Judy Townsend            unknown

1953   Alberta Micek     (one room school house, Rouse, CO)
          winning word:  vicissitudes
       Irene Linda Gordon     (Ash Grove School (Arapahoe Co.)
          word missed:  coccyx
             DPS finalists (14 out of 25):
              Laura Ann Amsbury    Westwood                  
               Sharon Ballard       Byers
               Pat Cordova          Westwood
               Marjorie Jackson     Westwood
               Irma Johns           Cole
               Eunice McKinney      Gove
               Leslie McLoran       Skinner (8th place)
               Tommy Oliver         Westwood
               Mary Ann Petralia    Horace Mann
               Loius Richart        Westwood
               Linette Schoter      Skinner
               Susan Scofield       Byers (7th place)
               Vondel Smith         Westwood
               Evelyn Stalick       Byers

1954   Marilyn Vandergrift     Byers Jr. High
          winning word:  dais
       Jim McDonald, Jr.     Byers Jr. High
          word missed:  ebullition
             DPS finalists (14 out of 25):

               Marilyn Vandergrift   Byers  (1st place)
               Jim McDonald Jr.      Byers  (2nd place)
               Cecily Campbell       Merrill  (3rd place)
               Lora Ann Amsbury      Kepner 
               Johanna Billmyer      Grant
               Richard Fabrizius     Gove
               Lowell Hill           Horace Mann
               Douglas Jenner        Morey
               Anne McLucas          Grant
               Roger Meyer           Kepner
               Tom Oliver            Kepner
               Wylie Sheldon         Gove
               Sharon Widener        Horace Mann
               Carol Wiedeman        Merrill

1955   Linda Kay Stone     Byers Jr. High
          winning word: 
       Joanna Reckler     Gove Jr. High
          word missed: 
             DPS finalists:
               Linda Kay Stone    Byers  (1st place)
               Joanne Reckler     Gove  (2nd place)
               David Potts        Kepner  (3rd place)
               Douglas Jenner     Morey  (5th place)
               Johanna Billmyer   Grant
               Anne McLucas       Grant
               Dianne Gilliam     Kepner

                      others unknown

1956   Bob Colson     Kepner Jr. High
          winning word:  impecunious
       Sherry Granzow     Merrill Jr. High
          word missed:  vermicelli
             DPS finalists
(17 out of 25):  
                Bob Colson        Kepner  (1st place)
                Sherry Granzow    Merrill  (2nd place)
                John Topping      Smiley  (3rd place)
                Vance Aandahl     Smiley  (Vance later taught writing
                                                         at Metro State College.  He

                                                         still resides in Denver.)
                Dana Bennett      Byers
                Paul Gilmartin    Smiley
                Charles kenning   Smiley
                Bill Schmidt      Smiley
                Brian Silver      Hill  (Brian taught Urdu and Indo-
                                        Muslim Studies at Harvard.  He resides in
                                        Washington D. C. where he's a ethnomusi- 
                                        cologist with the Voice of America. He
                                        missed "acquiesce" at state.
                Susan Stone       Hill  (Susan is retired from work
                                                       in forestry and as a 
                                                       programmer.  She resides
                                                       in Fort Collins.  Susan
                                                       missed "gherkin" at state.

                Karen Gelvin        unknown
                Carol Greenmyer     unknown
                Carmen Hansen       unknown
                Karen Henning       unknown
                Judy Leveck         unknown
                Sheryl Wagner       unknown

1957   Dana Bennett     Byers Jr. High
          became 1957 NATIONAL CHAMPION
          winning word:  unknown
       Joe Turner     Lake Jr. High
          word missed:  unknown
             DPS dinalists (18 out of 25):
               Dana Bennet          Byers  (1st place)
               Joe Turner           Lake  (2nd place)
               Charles Kenning      Smiley  (3rd place)
               Gayle McRae          Byers  (4th place)
               Douglas Anderson     Grant
               David Brown          Byers
               Marilyn Cason        Hill
               Henry Colt           Kepner
               Lenore Edgeworth     Byers
               Larry Grant          Kepner
               Robert Kippur        Hill
               Norma Levy           Gove
               Heidi Markisen       Byers
               Roberta Montgomery   Byers
               Cecelia Rosales      Kepner
               Charles Stern        Smiley
               Helle Sundmaa        Byers
               Don Wilkin           Kepner

1958   Fredel Adams     Keating Jr. High (Pueblo, CO)
          winning word: 
       Katherine Jankovsky     Byers Jr. High
          word missed: 
             DPS finalists:
               Katherine Jankovsky   Byers  (2nd place)
               Brian Beckwith        Gove  (3rd place)
               Clark Colbridge       Kepner  (4th place)

                       others unknown

1959   Joel Montgomery     Byers Jr. High
       became 1959 NATIONAL CHAMPION
          winning word:  unknown
       Shirley Morahan     Holy Family (Denver)
          word missed:  unknown
             DPS finalists (17 out of 27):
               Joel Montgomery      Byers  (1st place)
               Sheila Brownyard     Lake
               Clark Corbridge      Kepner
               Janelle Dodd         Byers
               Lorene Frazier       Merrill
               Phyllis Goren        Smiley
               Mary Hendrix         Hill
               Gregory Iwan         Kepner
               David Jenkins        Byers
               James Kent           Smiley
               Janet Marsh          Byers
               Mike Martin          Byers
               Joe Morehead         Byers
               Richard Myers        Byers
               LaVonne Sisco        Kepner
               Hal Wagner           Byers       


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