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These 29 spellers qualified for the 2014 "City Orals" DPS District Championship Spelling Bee by placing in the top 29 out of 274 students from 42 Denver schools on the 2014 City Written spelling test.

Matteo Tizzano, Archuleta Elementary, 4th grade Desi Mihaylova, 5th grade, Southmoor Elementary Juliana Dickson, Steele Elementary, 5th grade Ethan Wang, 6th grade, Grant Ranch School

Anna Neznamova, 6th grade, Hamilton Middle School Shalom Busse, Hamilton Middle School, 6th grade Bryn Flanigan, GALS, 6th grade Leora Busse, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School

Sawyer Markham, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School Hannah Pederson, Hamilton Middle School, 7th grade Claire Brennan, 7th grade, Morey Middle School Cassidy Nicks, Morey Middle School, 7th grade

Anlan Du, 8th grade, Morey Middle School Evie Jurich, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School Stephanie Halpern, 5th grade, Southmoor Elementary Eric Webb, 8th grade, Hamilton Middle School

Samantha Sumner, RMSEL, 7th grade Maddi Abram, 7th grade, Slavens Molly Berenbaum, Morey Middle School, 8th grade Tia Karkos, 7th grade, Slavens
Henry Jackson, 7th grade, Slavens
Edwin Wojcik, Montclair Elementary, 5th grade Sarah Young, Cory Elementary School, 5th grade Haley Obermeier, 8th grade, Smiley Middle School
Natalya Hill, Morey Middle School, 8th grade
Anne Hartshorn, DSA, 6th grade Alex Jurich, Hamilton Middle School, 8th grade
Tessa Berns, DSA, 7th grade
Hayley Hamilton is a 6th grader at Hamilton Middle School. Sophia Hartgrove, 6th grade, Morey Middle School    


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