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Sunday, December 15.  The second inter-school spelling bee will be held on Thursday, January 23.

2019 - 2020  First Spelling Bee - Thursday, December 5      
Click on "First Spelling Bee - Results" for all of the championship round spellers.
First Spelling Bee - List of Champions:
1)  Bird, Greenwood, McAuliffe, and Willow at DLS:  Rithvik Iyer  (McAuliffe, 7th grade)
2)  Boys School, Denver Green Northfield, Lake, Morey, Polaris, and Skinner at Edison: 
                                                                           Lachlan Flanigan  (Boys School, 6th grade)
3)  C3, Cory, DSST Byers, Merrill, and RMSEL at Steele:  Bryson Browning  (DSST Byers, 7th grade)
4)  Hamilton, Kaiser, Slavens, Summit Academy, and University Park at Grant Ranch: 
                                                                               Sam Holland (Hamilton, 7th grade)
5)  Carson, Hill, Roberts, Swigert, and Westerly Creek at DSA:  Angelina Holm  (DSA, 8th grade)
2019 Colorado State Spelling Bee
Wow!  Of the 283 spellers at the 2019 Colorado State Spelling Bee, 15 DPS spellers were among the 29 spellers that made the finals.  Lachlan Flanigan misspelled "Sarajevo" to finish in 3rd place.  Ben Holland misspelled "copepod" to finish runner-up for the second straight year.  Angelina Holm then correctly spelled "heliacal" to re-claim the state championship she won last year.  Below are the spelling bee finalists from the Denver Public Schools.  Congratulations!
Champion:  Angelina Holm, 7th grade, Denver School of the Arts. Scripps National Spelling Bee.
2nd place:  Benjamin Holland, 7th grade, Hamilton Middle School 3rd place:  Lachlan Flanigan, 5th grade, Cory Elementary School
4th place:  Finn Hilty, 8th grade, Denver School of the Arts

4th place:  Lindsay Sieja, McAuliffe International School, 6th grade 8th place:  Maria Ciobanu, Denver School of the Arts, 8th grade. Scripps National Spelling Bee.
10th place:  Albertine Gingrass, Denver School of the Arts, 7th grade 12th place:  Zach Long, 8th grade, Slavens School K-8.  Scripps National Spelling Bee.

12th place:  Tate Hutchins, Slavens School, K-8, 8th grade
16th place:  Katie Acosta, Merrill Middle School, 8th grade
16th place:  Duncan Monroe, 7th grade, Merrill Middle School
16th place:  Chloe Osuna, Denver Language School, 8th grade

21st place:  Bryson Browning, DSST Byers, 6th grade.  Scripps National Spelling Bee.
21st place:  Sam Holland, Hamilton Middle School, 6th grade
26th place:  Wyn Parney, 8th grade, Denver School of the Arts   
2019 "City Orals" District Spelling Bee
Marie Ciobanu, an 8th grader at Denver School of the Arts, is the 2019 "City Orals" district spelling bee champion.  Second place went to Finn Hilty, also an 8th grader at DSA, who misspelled clavecin, a harpsichord. Maria correctly spelled falciform, having the shape of a scythe, to claim the title.  Placing in the top five were Luca McMurray, a 6th grader at Morey Middle School, Lindsay Sieja, a 6th grader at McAuliffe International, and Lachlan Flanigan, a 5th grader at Cory Elementary.  Click on "City Orals - Results" for the rest of the spellers and "City Written - Qualifiers" for their pictures.

2019 City Written Spelling Contest
Ben Holland, a 7th grader at Hamilton Middle School, is the 2019 City Written district champion.  Maria Ciobanu, an 8th grader at Denver School of the Arts, and Angelina Holm, a 7th grader at Denver School of the Arts, tied for second place.    In 4th place is Zach Long, an 8th grader at Slavens School.  Rounding out the top five was Albertine Gingrass, a 7th grader at Denver School of the Arts.  Click on "City Written - Results" for the rest of the state and City Orals qualifiers.
2019  Second Spelling Bee - Thursday, January 24
Click on "Second Spelling Bee - Results" for all of the championship round spellers.
Second Spelling Bee - List of Champions:
1)  Bird, Blair, and Westerly Creek at Greenwood:  Tomi Williams  (Blair, 4th grade)
2)  Carson, High Tech, and Swigert at Montclair:  Piper Deelo  (Swigert, 5th grade)
3)  Cory, Shoemaker, and Steele at Gust:  Lachlan Flanigan  (Cory, 5th grade)
4)  Merrill, RMSEL, and University Park at C3Katie Acosta  (Merrill, 8th grade)
5)  DSST Byers, McAuliffe Manual, McGlone/Amesse, and Skinner at Polaris: 
                                                        Bryson Browning  (DSST Byers, 6th grade)
6)  Bear Valley, Grant Ranch, Hamilton, and Slavens at Kaiser:  Sam Holland  (Hamilton, 6th grade)
7)  DSA, McAuliffe International, and Morey at Bromwell: 
                                                                             Grant Wiebe  (McAuliffe International, 7th grade)
8)  DDES, Edison, and STRIVE Prep Sunnyside at DLS:  Chloe Osuna  (DLS, 8th grade)

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